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  1. jamesn

    Adult Section Request

    I would like to be added as well.
  2. jamesn

    Sequence Of Steps To Make A Lined Belt?

    Thanks for everyones great input, it's just what I was looking for. After I dye a belt with fiebings dyes they get very dry and stiff. It was mentioned to oil/condition before applying finish. What type of oil or conditioner is used and how much is applied? Thanks Again Jim
  3. In what order do you tackle the steps in making a lined belt. The below is not in any order. Stamp pattern on belt Dye belt Glue lining to top Stitch lining to top Cut to length Punch prong holes finish edges apply finish to belt anything else I could not think of. Thanks for your input. Jim
  4. jamesn

    Hello From Wisconsin

    Thanks for the welcomes, I am located in S.E.Wisconsin. I've seen alot of very nice items created by members on the forum. When I get up the nerve I will post the what I have put together in the last month since I have started trying my hand at Holster making. Thanks Again Jim
  5. jamesn

    Hello From Wisconsin

    I Have been interested in leather work for a while and thought I would finally try my hand at it. I bought the Al Stohlman holster making guide, some tools, leather and dye. I put together 4 holsters so far. 2 with some carving and two basket weave stamped. The last one I created my own pattern for a 3 inch S&W K frame. I really enjoyed it and will have another started tonight for a 6 inch S&W K frame. I am looking to learn alot from the wealth of knowledge that posts on this forum and I have alot to learn. Jim.