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    The 7th circle of Hell. Tucson, Arizona. But it's a dry heat.
  1. Beautiful work! How does that skirting leather compare to their tooling leather?
  2. The Boss can be a temperamental gal from time to time. Mostly always a tension issue from operator error Keep her well lubed and talk dirty to her once in awhile and she'll treat you right.
  3. Very nice Paul. Thanks for sharing. I have used the Angelus jet black and I really liked it. Do you cut the 600 for dipping?
  4. By far the ugliest holster that I have seen posted on here.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Chief and to all the great people on this forum.
  6. Last time I ordered from the Bluegun store (October) my back ordered stuff was here in about a week. A few months before that there was a very long wait due to rings being overloaded.
  7. Very nice Ran. Snow on the wood pile already I see.
  8. Seeing as you are using a cocobolo burnisher like I do I will share my 2 cents worth. After sanding edges smooth with 220 or higher I use saddle soap on the edges then burnish with the cocobolo thingy on a dremel I use it about 10,000 rpm. I then rub on a mix of 50/50 beeswax and parrafin that I melted together and formed in ice cube trays. Then go over it again with the burnisher. Heat is the key. You want to produce enough heat from the friction to melt in the waxes into the edges. Simple, and quick.
  9. That is really sweet. Nice and clean. How much did W&C charge for shipping on that leather? I was quoted $40-$50 shipping to Arizona... I would love to try their leather but no way am I paying that much to ship it.
  10. Interesting design and I really like the dye job. Very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Here you go. http://www.bluegunstore.com/?page_id=10&slug=index.php&cPath=23_33
  12. Rob even has some nice stainless one too... The only advice that I can offer is make that strap TIGHT... You can stretch that strap a little bit if it is too tight... If it's too loose... It goes in the scrap box.
  13. Thanks Joe for the reply. Never tried Etsy. I will look into that.
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