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  1. Drill holes and then saddle stitch it. I don't think rivets are a good idea it would be to easy to crack the plastic.
  2. Some people just can't be helped. They ask for advice then when they get advice they know more about everything and have all the answers.
  3. One other thing is if you don't know what your needs are do not buy a machine o f any kind until you know what you want to sew. I am not saying this to be rude or anything of the kind but trying to help you from making a costly mistake.
  4. The best machine to learn on is the one that meets your needs
  5. You are way way better to not gat any machine until you find one that meets your needs. Save your money until you can buy what you need and not just any sewing machine.
  6. Springfield leather has nice ones and Sergey makes embossing wheels
  7. That's a beautiful piece of wood on the shotgun what is the shotgun.
  8. Go to a Head Stone maker and ask for a waste piece. The one I have is 5 inches thick and it is the best for setting stamping or skiving. You can also go to a counter top place and get scrap I have gotten both for free.
  9. I'm curious on how many sides of leather does it take to make a saddle also how long.
  10. Springfield leather sells the Same thing
  11. Do yourself a favor and get a speed reducer. With the speed reducer and a servo motor you have more torque and even slower and more controlled sewing.
  12. I loved the one I got in the 70,s when I first started leather craft but then years ago I found leather wranglers and that is by far the best blade I have ever used.
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