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  1. I am selling my collection of leather wranglers tools #1 a skiver with buckeye burl handle new sells for $297 i want $150 #2 a guppy with buckeye burl handle new sells for $197 i want $100 #3 a tappy (18-21oz)wacker with buckeye burl handle .new sells for $100 i want $50 #4 a awl of spade awl with buckeye burl handle new sells for $200 i want $200 all have mosaic pins and hardly used. If someone buys all of them i will sell for$450 shipping will be $5.00 each or if all are bought together i will pay shipping. all blades are a 1/2' and a 2.5 and a scratch all blade
  2. Does anyone know where to buy cape buffalo hides? Thank you.
  3. I am looking for a new machine. The ones i am considering are the Cobra 4,Cowboy 4500 or possibly the Tecsew 5100. The problem is deciding on witch one to buy. I really like some of the features the tecsew has like the laser guide but not sure about buying from a company in Canada. I also like the stainless steel feet and throat plates on the Cowboy. I am leaning towards the Cobra as i have herd nothing but legendary service from Cobra Steve. So i am asking for help on deciding on who to go with. Thank you for the help. Derrill
  4. I want to make my own wallets from python and rattle snake. I would like to know if i should use a backing for the interior or do you think the skin is strong enough without a backer. I also was wondering if i need to put some kind of finish or some kind of protection on the skins. I really appreciate any and all help. Derrill
  5. purplefox66

    Lw Sk3

    I have a leather wranglers sk3 in 3/8" barrel in ultra violet with a 1/4" angle blade. in as new condition $80.00 plus shipping. I also have a leather wranglers round knife with pull cut and black cherry handle. blade has some scratches on one side but not on or near the cutting edge. $175.00 plus shipping.
  6. thanks for the replies. I will return and stay away from tandy lace
  7. does anyone else have a problem with tandy's superior lace. I bought three rolls of natural and it is just dodo. it is all cracked and I cant even lace with it because of all the breaks. I also bought three rolls of black 3/16 and it is noticeably thicker andi have no problems with the black. would I be wrong to try and take it back for different lace? also wanted to ask if anyone has used the superior lace from springfield and is it of better quality? thanks
  8. I will be starting a new case tomorrow and will post better pics of the work in progress.
  9. I would love to post more pics but I mailed it off to a friend today.
  10. all I have is my cell phone and it dosent take very good pics.
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