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  1. I think your dealer is lying to you.
  2. The way i do corners go through the holes twice the hole before the corner hole and the hole after the corner .
  3. You do beautiful work.
  4. seperate the two pieces of leather using a modeling tool pull the tail of your lace so it leaves an empty hole on the backside going from the middle of the two pieces and come out the hole the tail was in and continue lacing as normal keeping the two tails between the two pieces of leather..
  5. Why dont you ask artisan as they have a bench top model 3200
  6. I have now idea of what it would be worth. maybe $50.00
  7. Grave stone makers is another great place to get free piece of granite for tooling.
  8. Springfield leather ha a lot of roo lace
  9. I am looking for someone that can draw me a western floral pattern for gun case's. II was thinking something around 14" to 16" inches long and maybe 4'to 6' inches wide. Something i can put on a typical scoped rifle case.
  10. it is supposed to was and kills mildew hope it works
  11. try using oxalic acid . I know you are in Sweden but you should be able to find it somewhere there. Springfield leather carries it and they do ship over seas.
  12. Thank you sir that is what i was looking for.
  13. No i never thought of doing that i will try thank you. I just searched and no luck
  14. No i never thought of doing that i will try thank you.
  15. About seven years ago i got instructions from someone on here on how to do two tone mexican round braid and have lost those instructions. I am hoping someone still has them. I would very much appreciate any help.
  16. Does anybody know where i can buy cape buffalo hide ?
  17. I am selling my collection of leather wranglers tools #1 a skiver with buckeye burl handle new sells for $297 i want $150 #2 a guppy with buckeye burl handle new sells for $197 i want $100 #3 a tappy (18-21oz)wacker with buckeye burl handle .new sells for $100 i want $50 #4 a awl of spade awl with buckeye burl handle new sells for $200 i want $200 all have mosaic pins and hardly used. If someone buys all of them i will sell for$450 shipping will be $5.00 each or if all are bought together i will pay shipping. all blades are a 1/2' and a 2.5 and a scratch all blade
  18. Does anyone know where to buy cape buffalo hides? Thank you.
  19. I am looking for a new machine. The ones i am considering are the Cobra 4,Cowboy 4500 or possibly the Tecsew 5100. The problem is deciding on witch one to buy. I really like some of the features the tecsew has like the laser guide but not sure about buying from a company in Canada. I also like the stainless steel feet and throat plates on the Cowboy. I am leaning towards the Cobra as i have herd nothing but legendary service from Cobra Steve. So i am asking for help on deciding on who to go with. Thank you for the help. Derrill
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