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  1. Lol that was a birthday party we went to, my mates 25th, we're all bikers and he wanted something different, so we had a victorian evening. I just had to steampunk it a little!
  2. Sorry folks I thought I'd done my location on my profile. Doh! Yeah I'm in Stoke-on-Trent UK
  3. Hi folks I was just wondering if anyone could help me. I've got a singer 29k15 and the main shaft, part number 82010, had got a slight bend in it. Which means it won't treadle. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement for it, or does anyone have one that they wouldn't mind selling me. I've looked on ebay and there is nothing in the UK. I can get hold of the same part for a 29k 71. Would this part fit in my machine? Cheers Tim
  4. Nice one cheers bro. I managed to find a parts diagram online a few minutes ago, after hours of searching. It does help if you put the right thing into Google! Lol ill put the link up in a min. Its for a 29k72 put they look very similar. Here's the link. ... http://www.industrialsewingmachineparts.co.uk/parts_ankai2972.pdf
  5. Hi folks I've just bought a singer 29k 15 machine with stand. Its been stood for a good few year and needs a total refurbishment. Before I have the downloaded manual for it but it doesn't show all the parts. So it's there a manual for dismantling this machine? I've looked and can't find one. Or is there someone online that has recorded how to do it. The main problem I have is that it looks like there are some pins rather than bolts holding some of the bits together, rear pulleys, top rocker arm. They look original as they are nearly perfect. But I Need to know about them before I try to knock them out only to find out they were threaded and ive knackered the whole job. Advice please people. I'm very mechanically minded and it's good honest Victorian/Edwardian engineering! Cheers folks
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