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  1. Hi All! As this is the start of a new year and nothing has been new in here for a while, I am throwing up a new challenge to start the new year off right. This challenge will be creating smart phone case. Style, design, technique, use of color and uniqueness will all be noted. Challenge will be due January 31st and all entries must be in before midnight. And GO!
  2. I need a beaver stamp asap. Anyone have one I can borrow or buy
  3. Miel, I use the Antiques more than any other dyes. I LOVE them. I wear a belt I made 5 years ago that is finished with the Tan Antique and a couple coats of Tandy's Super Sheen. I also almost exclusively use Super Sheen as a top coat. Like Resolene, it is an acrylic, but it doesn't dry as fast. I have never had issues with bleeding color. I have also used Saddlelac and Spray Sheen with good results on occasion, but Super Sheen is my "Go To" finish.
  4. I use love the Gel Antiques and use them regularly. I have never had issue with them coming off, cracking or anything. I also seal almost exclusively with SuperSheen. I use the Gels by them self, over Cova Paints, Colored dyes and with resists and love the way it comes out. If you look at my gallery, you'll see a LOT of antiquing. As to your issue, I agree with Sona that is sounds like you had some form of a resist on there to block color. I'd keep trying.
  5. Bear, I sewed it all by hand. Every stitch and it is all Saddle Stitched, so Really strong. Kodiak is the oil tanned Leather I got from Tandy Leather. It is their name for it. Still cow but nice pebble grain and a rich pull. For now he wants to use it when we camp, as it is too big for his HS lockers. But I think in Collage, he'll really like having the room to haul stuff. It weighs 7.4 pounds empty and I think would hold about everything a youngster would need for collage. And then some!
  6. Rttingle, as you were the only other player posting pics, You win the Challenge. I disqualify myself, as I ran it. I like the mask alot. The reason I asked about the back side was the pieces that look like bolts. I was wondering if you used real bolts or how they were attached. My only critique would be to line it to cover those lose points of the screw dots. Sweet mask, bro!
  7. Do you have a pic of the backside, RT? Just curious.
  8. I like the idea of it being more a contest, but as I am not the originator of the monthly Challenge, I will have to talk to DoubleC about that. Some good thoughts so far! Keep them coming
  9. Ok, so I wanted to know what other projects you might be interested in for future Challenge Projects. Let us know!
  10. Bear, You are right, but what good are a bunch of superheroes if there is no villain? Like Batman, I can be that guy. THey'll chase me. Cuz I can take it.
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