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  1. I have a Champion 30 straight needle machine. Going to restore it ....just because it is a beast and I like the looks of it. It just takes up room in the shop and it might as well get a face lift and be usable. A gentleman in TX has a base and has offered it to me. Can anybody tell me a rough weight on the pedestal or an overall weight on the machine. I can always weigh the head unit and go from there. Just trying to get an idea on shipping from TX to WV..........unless somebody wants to just buy the head unit to save me the head aches....LOL Ugly but turns over super easy.
  2. Tack repair in Parkersburg WV 304-481-3298
  3. I have a singer 144W201 that I just had gone through by the Singer repairman. Old but reliable machine, have a clutch motor or a servo motor for it. Located in Parkersburg WV. Have a table but will need to be modified to accept the larger machine. Would take $1000
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