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  1. thank you very much yinTx for whatever reason its the design she always had her eye on. She will be getting it tomorrow. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YA'LL!
  2. the tandy tooling pattern that came with it was so plain i couldnt do it like that. plus its for my mom so i had to really jazz it up a bit for her. Cant have her walking around with it looking pain, shes a high class gal, had to do some high class work on it for her. Ya the cut out in the back was originally for concealed carry pistol but she upgraded so i was stuck with a hole lol, had to come up with something. The bag isnt that big so i didnt do pockets and also the original plan was for the pistol pocket so there would really have not been much room. ah well, it worked out
  3. yeah its lined with a coffee pig skin suede. kit didnt come with any of that hardware, the hardware that came in the kit was very basic and bland so i had to change it up. The sewing was murder. thank you, and no prob. I had this thing for so long and been so afraid of doing it for fear of messing it up, i had over the last several months gotten comfortable enough with this size and complexity of a project to see it thru. I still consider myself a novice/beginner to the fact that i have very little time to work on anything. I do however lurk and look at picks on here and pinterest and a facebook group i joined to get ideas for stuff id like to try. This is a Christmas present for my mother she is FINALLY going to get lol.
  4. Don't mean to really revive a really old thread but I finally got enough time and confidence to finish this project. Been a really long time in the making but I'm glad i took my time and planned it out vs throw it together.
  5. Both made from an old circular saw blade. why make one when i could have 2. Both work very well.
  6. anyone had the issue of super sheen removing black stain? ive never had it happen before and i have no idea why its happening
  7. that looks freaking amazing. Well done!
  8. thx for the replies. Yeah the holster was made separate and was the first holster and second project i had ever done, so it was still a bit of a learning curve. I actually hate the basket weave on there, and have since been thinking of making another one without it. The bullet loops were riveted on the ends, everything else on the entire belt was sewn, and i can tell you i am in no way a fan of hand stitching after doing that belt. I went with the shiny buckle/conchos vs dark ones because the belt was dark. i looked at it like i do cars. dark paint= add a little chrome, light paint = black everything else out and I like the way a little bit of shiny breaks things up a little bit.
  9. Thank you sir. Yeah, he was pretty excited about it lol. Like watching a kid at Christmas.
  10. This is my first holster and belt and my third every project. It was promised as a Christmas gift for my father a few years ago but I've just recently been able to commit the time to it. I'm overall pleased with how it turned out, but now having done it there are a few things I will probably change if I do another one.
  11. I STILL haven't made that marketplace handbag.

  12. that looks awesome!! I hope when I finally attempt mine it turns out half as good. Well Done!
  13. alright , main instructions are resized. they were scanned full size 17 inch x 21.5 inch at 600dpi .jpeg so they can be made whatever size you want. If you wanted to make a larger or smaller MP handbag its up to you. I had to tone down the dpi and size so I can upload them. If you want the full size image message me with your email and I can send them to you no probs. Enjoy and I hope this helps ya'll out.
  14. Here are some of the directions. Im trying to add the main instruction page but the files are too large. Marketplace Handbag 2.pdf Marketplace Handbag.pdf
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