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  1. You're too good to me, Fred. Yeah, a rotary knife is a great idea. The blades are darn expensive, but now that I think about it, what a time saver it will be cutting out dozens of the things. The largest one would be 12" x 16". I have a 4'X8' cutting mat. That's good to know!! I was worried about acrylic because of how hard it would be to cut to size (which would then be a benefit when it comes to using it as a template). Polyethelene seems like a good choice. I'll have to see if there are any commercial outfits here.
  2. Hey there, Mr. Bags. That'd be great! Let me know. Hey Fred. Thank you, that does help. As I said before, I'm not cutting some thick leather or anything, just some nylon lining fabric fairly imprecisely I might add. So MDF might be the best choice. I'll have to do some intense head-scratching however, and convert your European milometers to good 'ol inches. :D
  3. Thank you for the suggestions! I could certainly use MDF, but didn't want to worry about cutting away at it when I'm running my knife along the side. Is there much of a problem with this from your experience? I was thinking a soft plastic like that used in corrugated signs would have the same issue. I'm in the US. I was thinking of just getting a sheet of the stuff and cutting it with a miter saw (the templates are just rectangles). Amazon.com has sheets of acrylic, polypropylene, mylar, ABS, and other such things. I just have no idea what the qualities of any of these are. Perhaps there is a plasticworker.net that I should consult. :D
  4. I’m trying to find a good plastic to use to make templates out of that I can also use as cutting guides. I’d like it to be fairly substantial (1/8” or so) and able to be used as a cutting guide as well. I would be using them to cut lining fabric, not leather, so it wouldn’t be important that I could get the cut super precise. If anyone has used a specific type of plastic for this application, or if you have any informed ideas, that would be great! Links to suppliers would also be helpful!
  5. I wanted to know if anyone has had successful and pleasurable dealings with a die manufacturer. I don't want/need to buy a clicker, but instead would like to simply use my mallet. I'm not certain as to if there is a different kind of die I would need because of this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. What's the name of his shop?
  7. I am currently in the market for some Kangaroo leather pieces (specifically brown and black). They don't need to be large by any means. If anyone knows of a place where I can buy some, please let me know. Additionally, if someone is a whip maker or happens to have bulk scrap lying around, please let me know.
  8. I asked tippmann before I bought the machine what I should use for this application. They just said i needed the center presser foot. I will try to decrease the presser foot tension, as it does seem to exacerbate the problem. However, the creasing tends to happen simply because I have to turn the leather inside-out, regardless of my stitching it or not.
  9. I need help figuring out how to get my leather not to crease. I started off stitching everything by hand and didn't have this problem. Now that I'm using a sewing machine (Tippmann Boss), I have to turn the corners inside out to stitch them, which often leads to creases. Is there anything I can treat the leather with first before I stitch to prevent it from creasing? Or perhaps a way of stitching that would prevent this? Either that or maybe there is a way to remedy the problem after it occurs.
  10. Riri zippers are the best on the market, and they have the price tag to prove it. Then again, if you are going to be spending that much to make a book bag, might as well make it the best you can. The cheapest place I have found to buy them are at buckleguy.com.
  11. I'm interested. I've emailed you.
  12. Did you just tell Ohio Travel Bag that you were an "established leather crafter"? Or how did you get to order from them.
  13. I'm looking for line 20 size parallel spring snaps. They're the same design as the glover snaps that Tandy sells but much larger. Anyone have any ideas of suppliers?
  14. Got an answer on a different thread. Thank you for your help.
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