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  1. Hi there, I sent you a PM earlier last week. Just checking to see if it came through ok?
  2. Thanks guys. The old covering is vulcanite, I don't think they would go through the trouble in doing rolled edges for those as its quite thin. I had to skiv the stingray to the bare minimum, some areas are thicker than others but the fit is quite good. Bill this one is an MP
  3. Thanks Mike . No disassemble, you can even do it with the film loaded but its a bit easier if you take off the base plate when applying the leather and put it back on while the glue sets so it fits flush.
  4. I've spent some time away from leathercrafting but finally got to pull out some of my tools for this little project. Its an old leica camera that I wanted to releather in stingray. No stitch work but it was difficult enough getting it right to fit flush on the camera. Here's a before and after pic:
  5. Thanks guys! sorry I've been inactive for a while been spending more time on my other hobbies. rjqhall, I used gum tragacanth to burnish the edges but I've also had good success by just using water. If you sand down the edges to the right profile and put some elbowgrease with the slicker you'll get a nice natural sheen on the edges. It won't be incredibly shiny but I love the rustic yet natural look that I get with water or gum.
  6. superfuture is another forum, I didn't have a pattern for the wallet but its the same design of a common Japanese riders wallet.
  7. About 4 months of use on my fav wallet . Shell cordovan outer and Hermann Oak inner.
  8. Any chance you'd be willing to ship this to Australia? I'm very interested to buy and I understand shipping will cost more. Please let me know, cheers!
  9. Thank you everyone for the tips, never knew the dangers of sanding bones so I will definitely take extra caution
  10. Thanks for the reply guys. I hope this isnt a silly question but the polishing bones that I've seen sold online have a waxy finish to them, is this what I should expect after cleaning? I'm really new at this and I thought bones will end up very dry, is there some kind of finishing method to ensure the surface will be smooth and waxy?
  11. Hi guys, a friend of mine went hunting the other week and he's coming back with a deer bone for me. I was wondering if anyone here knows how I can prepare the deer bone so that it will be suitable to use for polishing? There's a few online stores that sells these finished but I haven't found any in Australia. I thought about ordering from overseas but I have a feeling it will be a nightmare to get through customs so I hope to prep one up myself. Thank you for viewing and I would appreciate any tips
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