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  1. Thanks for the great advice Frank! Never thought to try that. Will give it a go
  2. Hi. This is my first post so please be kind. I have searched the forums and couldn't find what I am looking for. I would like some advice on what to do with the metal plates that are sometimes on lasts? I can't tack through it when lasting shoes. My first pair of lasts I drilled them off but that was a slow and painful process. But I have just brought a few more second hand lasts and they all have metal plates. Is there an easy way to remove them? I have thought about covering the bottom of the last with thick soling leather but am worried this will change the shape of the finished shoe? I just can't find any information on what to do about them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hi. I find the easiest way to get the correct size last is to get someone to trace both feet (most feet are different sizes). Use a thin pen or shave the side of a pencil so you are not including the size of the pencil in your tracing. If you can get to a place that sells lasts then it is simply a matter of holding the last against the tracing to get the correct size. If you are buying on-line then you can measure the length of you foot and use a size conversion chart. Allow about 10mm extra in the toe. I struggle with width sizing as I cant seem to find a chart that converts width. In regards to the style, I would suggest a classic men's style as a starter. I tend to choose my styles based on the shape of the toe. I too am just starting out. But there is nothing more rewarding than putting on a pair of shoes you have made yourself! Good luck!!
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