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  1. Hello Do you still have any of these? Thank you
  2. Hello I have a request for a bit less bridle. The customer wants the nose band to have a liner with the rolled edges. What type of leather can I use for this type of liner? What do they typically use for this liner on english tack- neoprene?
  3. Hello...I mostly build holsters but I have been given an opportunity to make some wallets, tool bags and saddlebags for a local biker apparel store....what type of zipper should I use for the wallets? Heavy duty coat type? Where can I get the chains or chain I can cut to length? What type of leather and what weight should I use for the tool bags and saddlebags? Hard or soft? Thank you
  4. Hi there! I have a question about marketing? I have a website and I am trying to get my seo set for all my products. I have an analytics app so I can track traffic to it. I was getting a ton at first but out of 200 visitors not one sale. (My prices are lower than a lot of holster makers but my work is comparable). I have a business Facebook page but I barely get interactions on my posts just clicks from my friends and previous customers. I do post on a few sales pages on fb and I get an occasional customer. My question is what else should I be doing to get exposure? Thanks https://www.horizoncountryleather.com
  5. Thank you! Funny I just realized all those pics are with the drum dyed havana. It is a favorite.
  6. Hello.. Here are some pics of my recent gun leather projects....I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of some of you who gave pointers back when I started this journey. I still have so much to learn but I am game....tips and critiques are always helpful and appreciated....
  7. Hello I know there is a formula for determining the size of chap yokes for a proper fit. Is there a similar formula to determine the size of the back belt on mounted shooting rigs? I would think that one would adjust the size of the larger oval per the size of the shooter and I want to know if there is a rule to get the correct size. Thanks
  8. Hello. I can't seem to be able to attend the various leather shows due to scheduling so I can't attend the classes offerred. So I am looking for an experienced chap and chink maker who would be willing to give me a few days of private instruction on building chaps and chinks. I have made a couple pairs but my mistakes are costly. Thanks.
  9. I was thinking about hooking up with my local tack shop. He orders from Hermann Oak directly and I thought maybe I could have him order a few fro me at a time. It is worth a shot to see if a shop in your area will help you out.
  10. Try Black River Laser. She has belt templates of all sizes which are perfect for collars. You just have to add the length.
  11. I really love your basket stamp. I take it you did it manually and it is not a stamp?
  12. I ordered the hooks from Brownell's.....Strap works has the rectangles to match.
  13. Hello, I am about to start my first pair of chinks and I already have three friends wanting a pair.....I have watched the Cow Camp DVD and will be using his pattern. I feel pretty comfortable with adjusting the leg measurements but..... My question is, how do I modify the "drop" measurement from the waist to the upper thigh? How much does this measurement tend to differ on adults? Thank you, Tawnya
  14. I ordered from RJF...it is very clean #1 leather. $8sf. Drum dyed backs are $8.25 sf
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