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  1. thanks for your thoughts on the dvds i'm going to order them today..
  2. No one hear or seen his dvds any help on this...
  3. I'm thinking of getting his dvds. does anyone have them and if so whats your thought on the dvds ?
  4. I would like to see what's in there to. I'm a adult my wife tell me I don't act like one but that's another story...
  5. Well i'm sorry to ask the same thing.. what machine do i need to get? i'm looking at a Consew 206rb-5 and a cowboy cb227r..i want to use it to make wallets,handbags,vests,saddle bags,and tool and bar bags..i know maybe both.. but what one first? if its the cowboy cb227r does any one make a flat bed table for it?or how hard is it to make one..if you have any other ideas on what machine i should get before i pull the trigger.. ALL IDEAS WELCOME...i have read until my eyes are bleeding..and i'm still not sure..WIZ, or someone i need some help...
  6. thanks again for the info.. it sounds like it some pretty good stuff to work with. and if it covers evenly with a sponge that works for me. to get better penetration. and like you said not just set on top like a top coat..if you find anymore ways to use this stuff please share.. ever thing helps..Aloha later's my friend
  7. Mahalos Spinner, for the heads up on this product.. it sounds like what i need.. now do you think it would work if applied with a airbrush?
  8. well what was the verdict on this stuff buy or save my money.. i sure hope this stuff is for real. i want to thank you guys for letting us know what you think of this and all the other stuff on this site.it sure help when you live were leather people are far and few..and no stores that even sells leather products..mahalos again for all your help..
  9. I sure hope this stuff is for real..that would really help me with my shipping.. trying to get something here that will work and not cost a arm and a leg and take forever to get here..
  10. TwinOaks, your right i think freight by ship is the only way to get it here but most of the places i have talk to don't seem to know how to do that.. they say you have to buy it by the pallet or the cost would be to great for a small amount .and i don't need that much..they get there products by ship.. still looking for a way to get it here... particle, thanks for the link.. i'm going to try that minwax until i can find a way to get the leather dies here what type of finish did you use over the minwax? and do you need to thin the minwax to make it penetrate the leather if so what do you use for a thinner? mahalo again for every ones help..
  11. Mahalos everyone for the help.. if this latest thing with Fiebing doesn't work out.. it looks like i'm going to have to make my own.. or give that minwax a try . i just got of the phone with Fiebing and they said they can ship what i need.. i hope thats true.. last time i talk to them it was i had to pay for a whole pallet to get it shipped to me i sure don't need that much stuff..well see.. i tryed sprinfield leather and weaver and they said they can't ship it...still looking any ideas sure would help..
  12. i'm here in Hawaii and can't get any leather dyes shipped here..what can i use that will holdup on motorcycles seats and bags.. not Eco-flo,for sure.. i think i read some place Minwax can someone tell me what type to get and how to use it.. i need help badly call a lot of places and no one know what to send me that will work..
  13. happy birthday

  14. if you got a F150 and get a recall from ford that it my just start on fire. GET IT CHECKED OUT RIGHT AWAY!!! this last thur. i parked my truck in the parking lot. got ready to go into the store. got half way there for some reason i turned around looked back at my truck and it was on fire. and in only took a couple min. and it burned to the ground.and i lost every thing. body shop said 20.000 and counting to fix. i have it insured so thank God for that. i really thank God it wasn't parked in my garage or my house would have went up to.. they think something under my dash shorted out..so if you have a ford truck take it back and get it checked out.. after looking on the net(never thinking to look before)there a lots of fire that start for no reason..i hope this may help some one else before it happens to them..
  15. can i ask everyone if they can pray for my family and friends that were hit by the tsunami in American Samoa..info is pretty hard to get right now. so far what we herd is that they are okay but they may have lost there home....mahalos for your prayers
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