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  1. thanks guys! I've placed a sample order w/ thebuckleguy, i'll definitely try everyone mentioned here, hey that amish shop sounds cool!
  2. hi can someone recommend me a few suppliers on solid brass hardware? price is not an object but the quality has to be top notch. thanks! Daz
  3. switched to contact cement (tanner's bond) and the line was less pronounced, thanks for all the advice. I also found it's quicker to use canvas to bring up the shine than using wood slicker.
  4. what about the crayon? have you guys tried that?
  5. hi all, I'm new to leathercrafts, picked up my first set of stuff from my local Tandy here in Atl and I'm determined to make a perfect long wallet. I've made two prototypes, both made with veg tanned leather ~3oz. The first one i finished the edge with just Gum and 2nd one i stained it with tan color. Now the problem is, they all had glue lines. I used ecoweld from Tandy and did sand the glued edge before burnish (as suggested by Rusty in springfield's youtube video). As soon as i started to burnish the edge, the glue line will appear again and I can feel the glue if i run my finger on the edge. Is it the glue i'm using that caused this problem? Or should I just leave the edge out when I'm applying the glue? I realized the edge is probably the most important part to show the level of craftsmanship so i really want to get it down. Please help! thanks Daz
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