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  1. Shipping just to Guam, USPS Flat rate box. Thanks. Randy Hi Paul. Is number 3 Gomph still available. Will get it if it is. Randy
  2. Hi Paul. Is number 3 Gomph still available. Will get it if it is. Randy
  3. Seveneves, I know this has been a while but did you ever do this trade?
  4. Hi, Congrats they look very nice. I am a beginner and I hope to do as well. I guess you are right - just jump in.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I guess I will have to look harder for veg tan leather in my area. Randy
  6. Hi. I know that vegetable-tanned leather is recommended for saddles since, from what I read, it is best for tooling. In my area, there isn't any vegetable-tanned leather but there is a lot of chrome-tanned leather. A tannery can make vegetable-tanned leather for me on custom order but it may be expensive. Since I am only going to try making my first saddle and since I do not plan to do any tooling on it, can I use chrome-tanned leather? Are there any special do's and don't's for this type of leather. Your advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  7. What about just putting the bolts off center? Maybe you wouldn't need the slot. If the bolts had wing nuts, you could loosen them then adjust by just moving the roller. It need not turn, I think. Just my a thought. Haven't actually tried it.
  8. rf744

    Hi From Guam

    Hi Bruce. Thanks. Good to be here. Saw your post about the Proleptic tool sale and your haul - 50 lbs or was it 50lbs x 2? That's a lot of tools! Ralph, I read your story in your introductory post. Glad you made it. Any luck with the saddle making school you wanted to attend? And have you made any yet? Randy
  9. rf744

    Hi From Guam

    Thanks Ralph! I feel better already. Randy
  10. Hi Everybody. I am from Guam and the Philippines. I am new to leather and rawhide craft. I am interested in making a reata and repairing /making saddles. Signed up not too long ago and have found some great info here on my interests. Have been in touch with another member, Chaed, who has been very helpful. Look forward to learning a lot from you all. Randy
  11. Hahaha. I guess I really need glasses.
  12. Hi Alex, Great job. So the handle is made from leather disks of different sizes to shape it and the head is made of poly cutting board disks of the same size? I don't see the 6mm threaded bar but I see something that looks like an A.I. gun. Thanks for the idea. Randy
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