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  1. Does anyone have a similar rack that they've made themselves similar to this, that will stand on a table. Is there a woodworking plan I could use? My tools have taken over my table, and I need one like this that I can make, I just need some other ideas on how to add drawers being that I've not worked with wood all that much. Thanks
  2. toolleather

    How To Make My Own Maul?

  3. toolleather

    My First Few Bags

    Love the first bag, I've had a bag that I was working on very similar to your first one, but wanted to know how did you finish the sides of the bag, did you weave the handle/strap through the bottom or use any type of glue to hold the sides together? I'm at a stopping point because I want to weave the straps in but don't want to mess up either because its a nice piece of leather. Thanks in advance.
  4. toolleather

    How To Make My Own Maul?

    Hi There, I'm very interested in making my own maul. Does anyone have any Ideas as far as the type of material I would need to make the head of the maul. I was thinking of getting a cutting board and trying to glue or melt the disc together somehow but not really sure about that approach, being that I don't have many tools around to attempt this, and I was looking at the Beary Mauls and I really like them, but the price tag is a bit much right now. Any Ideas, Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks. I really appreciate it, I want to make a couple prototypes as samples to show to potential clients.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone, I purchased the stiffeners from the blue gun store, and have readjusted my pattern a bit, so we shall see what I come out with. One other question I have thought is, where can I purchase the tensioners I see on many holsters and are they really needed? The gentleman I'm making the replacement for has one on his current holster, and I wanted it to be as similar to what he already has.
  7. No, I do not have the gun, but I purchased a model blue gun for it, but upon reading some of the comments in the forums about the blue guns, it seems that they may not be exact to the original, so I don't want it to end up being too small. Like I said, this is my first attempt at making a holster.
  8. Thanks, I saw that one and it kind of helped a bit, I guess my frustration is that my measurements are fine on my patterns, but then once I get them on leather it's a bit too tight, I have to just keep adjusting and add a bit to account for the leather thickness.