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  1. I did find the 1.25 tabbed buckles at Ohio Travel Bag but they have a rivet tab that is quite long. Knowing the name would help me find more.
  2. it is currently attached with a rivet- I need to find a replacement. Do you just add the little metal piece over the center push?
  3. see ISMACS 29 page at the following address- lots of pretty pictures and great info. I will be happy to take that one off your hands if you decide you don't want it. http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/model-29-leather-stitching-sewing-machine.html
  4. I have used a Singer 66 for 5oz total, using a hand crank. That was a belt with inlaid snake. I used a Zeus Machines Pfaff 130 with an upgraded motor for 7 oz total, but that really pushed it.
  5. I am working on a large luggage piece. My leather is soft enough that I can tell it will need some internal support. Interior base is 9"x19", and I need to support up about 8" on each end. I had planned on wet forming some 7oz veg tan, but now I worry that will buckle. I could use a 90-degree suitcase end brace to support the ends of the veg tan, but are there any other solutions? I have never used any of the heat-molded plastics on the market- for heat, I have a heat gun and an oven. If I wanted to use plastic, which kind could I mold at home? where could I buy it? how do you cut this stuff?
  6. I must confess that I have a whole set of CDs I made up, and use a different one for each task. Hand quilting/jewelry making? Harry Chapin/James Taylor/Carole King. Fast housework? ZZTop/BTO/classic rock. cross-country drive? southern trash rock. sewing on my Class IV? hymns/southern gospel. That way when I pray that the bobbin doesn't run out/needle doesn't break/thread doesn't jam, I can pray to music. Since starting the gospel music, I haven't hit or kicked my machine once.
  7. I am trying to set up my new Cowboy 3500- this machine is quite heavy, and I know even with help we can't lift it up to the table at its current height. How do you raise and lower the table? I see 4 bolts, and two metal flanges that fold down on the front and back- I can't get them to shift, release, etc.
  8. I have a background in textile work, and learned to machine sew on my gran's singer 15 treadle and electric 201. I have both these machines, and about 50 other vintage machines. I am nuts about class 15 japanese clones(same basic mechanism as the singer 15, readily available parts, great casting, etc). I have several machines built by toyota in the 1950's that are workhorses. To effectively sew with a vintage singer 15 or clone, you are going to need a 1 to 1.5 amp motor. A walking foot doesn't hurt. However, you are still limited to size 69 thread. I prefer to use thread lube if I am going to be sewing a lot of long runs. I also have a Pfaff 130, which can use a slightly larger thread. Limitation is still about 5 oz of leather total. So if you want a bunch of various machine specs, let me know...
  9. I seriously love this. Minimalist, clean, functional. just gorgeous.
  10. actually, I have made a couple of prototypes for this style bag. Not western tooling patterns, but celtic/tattoo patterns. I think this style is making a comeback. I also plan to make another vintage style bag... from an old Tandy pattern. I think they called it a 'shopper'.
  11. great wallet... I made up a couple of samples- both in 4oz outer and 2oz liner- one similar to yours above, and one with vertical card holders on one side. The second one folds to 2 7/8 by 5 1/2. I think I am going to have to go to a thinner outer leather. Did you hand stitch your wallet in the photo? I machine stitched my samples to get them done, and planned to hand stitch the final version- but I do have a Boss coming this week...
  12. soooo after making fabric clutch-style wallets for years, I made some leather wallets for spouse and friends. The spouse was easy: hog + machismo = biker wallet. The guys who wanted bi-fold traditional wallets were easy. But I have two friends who want 'front pocket' wallets. One asked if I could put a snap on a bi-fold to hold it closed, and the other wants one that is 4x6. Aren't these too bulky for a front pocket and dress pants? the snap guy loves my 6oz veg tan- but how could I make something 2 1/2x 3 1/2 folded shut in leather that thick? and how in blazes could I put a snap on it without cracking credit cards? I guess I just don't get the front pocket thing. any advice? suggestions? pix of wonderful examples?
  13. got a set of gifts- I had asked for Eco-Flo waterstain, but ended up with both EF waterstain and EF leather dye. Both are water based. I plan to apply with an airbrush. Can these products be mixed? can they be layered over one another? And can EF antique go over both? I have fruitlessly searched the Tandy site and the internet. I have a tooled piece ready to dye but am afraid to use both product lines together.
  14. I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest; try searching for typography or calligraphy - I also love http://www.fromupnorth.com/lettering-calligraphy-inspiration-1134/ I will often look for inspiration, then start designing the project a few days later. I don't want copy someone, but broaden my horizons and then find my own way.
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