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  1. I've been doing research but have come up empty—does anyone know a resource for american-made antique brass (sometimes called antique bronze) split key rings? Trying to buy 50-100 pieces.
  2. I'm trying to get my leather business off the ground, and want to switch over to US suppliers. The minimums are a bit terrifying, but I see it as investing in my business. From what I can tell (I don't yet have swatches from HO) Horween has the best quality stuff for making wallets/bags... WC has a weird 'core' to it and feels super stiff (probably better for tack and items that spend more time in the elements?)... and I haven't yet gotten scrap from HO but I've read on the forums that it's pretty much the same as WC. Do ya'll have input to which is the best? Does anyone know if Horween makes hides big enough to make bags out of—or anything just veg tanned and not pre-dyed? FWIW I mostly work with 2oz-7oz hides... Usually 18-25 sq feet. Very rarely go above that oz, but would be happy to go to a larger hide if need be. Thanks for your help!
  3. 1. Do you have links to those specific machines or forums about them? How much should I expect to pay? 2. I have access to buy a newer Juki DDL-8500 for about $250ish—can this handle jeans/canvas/heavy duty? If not, is there a machine you recommend for under $1000? 3. I already have a 1960s straight stitch machine in my apt, so maybe I'll just hang onto that for these kinds of things. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks Bob—I'm the one that called this morning. Maybe it IS best to to have two machines then? What would you recommend for doing #277? You can view my gallery to get an idea of the type of stuff that I'm sewing. Perhaps the consew 206RB-5 is good for the thinner stuff/denim/canvas. Is the 206RB-5 too heavy duty to do just plain cotton shirts?
  5. This was a super helpful thread. A question: Can the Consew 206RB-5 at all sew #277 thread? I know it goes to #207, but sometimes I like something chunkier like 277 that looks more decorative and polished. Says it can handle the needle, but not the thread on the site, but wondering if it is truly impossible? I hardly ever sew leather layers thicker than 0.3". Is it even smart to sew with #277 if the layers combined aren't thicker than that?
  6. Hey everyone, I've done some searching but come up with mixed results. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for the best combo for painting and sealing on top of Fiebings Pro Oil Dye? I'm cutting, tooling, punching holes and then dying my pieces black — passing them off to a friend to do some painting on them (using a full range of color), and then she's giving them back so I can seal the paint and stitch them up. I haven't done any painting, acrylic or otherwise, on leather yet so I'm wondering if anyone had and product or combo recommendations given that I'm using the pro oil dye... Thanks in advance!
  7. Aw man, just found out about these dremel bits. Sad to hear he's passed. Maybe my friend's dad who is a carpenter can make some of these bits for me... though his looked super profesional and nice. Just found these too: http://leatherburnishers.com/Burnishers-for-Dremel.html
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