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  1. I figured it out myself. The thin skin was getting dirty while I was working on it so I decided to go with the original plan, which was to use the soft sheep tan skin as lining.
  2. I just started making a simple camera bag for myself. I had thick black calf skin and extremely thin dark tan sheep skin as inline. Now I am thinking that I turn around the leather and use the millimeter thin soft sheep skin in tan color for outside of the bag and the black thick leather as inline. I usually use the thin skin for inside the watch strap because of the softness. My question is: What speaks against having the thin skin exposed? would it be damaged after a few time of use? Cheers
  3. Hi, I just finished a pair of watch strap for my girl friend. At the end I used the Shine Wax to make the leather gaze and shine but the edge paint ran into the leather. Is there anyway to remove it? Thanks for any tips!
  4. Hello Suncoast, I see you have asked the question a while ago. Did you figure it out how to do it? I am thinking of making my own ostrich leg strap and would be thankful for any advise. Cheers
  5. Kevin, Thanks for the tip with baking soda. What is the best way of using baking soda for removal of odors? Jay
  6. Just in case anyone else is interested in my question I figured the answer. I put the strap for a few days outdoor and it lost a lot of the fish smell. Now it is like a normal leather skin.
  7. Hi, My first post here. I've got my first stingray watch strap a few days ago. The seller shipped it in a plastic bag and so it was smelling the paint. I put it outside and now it smells like fish. My question is will the fish smell goes away sometime? What can I do to get rid of the smell? Cheers for any advise. Jay
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