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  1. Thanks all for getting back so quick. I don't know the brand, but I paid $6/sq.ft. which I wouldn't consider cheap. The only other one that had the stiff quality that I need available at Global Leather in Manhattan was Tango. I would love to use a domestic producer so thanks elecrathon for the suggestions. To be clear, I bought half hides and it seems to wrinkle easily all around the hide. It doesn't crack and perhaps dry is too harsh a word. It seems dry because it wrinkles fairly easily. If I keep using this leather, can expect that tan-kote with help when I have to invert the bag inside out to prevent wrinkles? Cameron
  2. Hi, I've got a question here regarding a few hides of natural vegtable tan steer leather I bought for leather handbags. The leather is very stiff, dry, and pale and the way I have the bag stuctured, a very large piece comprises both the front and the back and needs to remain faily stiff for the structure to work. I plan to sell these at a higher price point and I'm worried about wrinkles that developed at the handle and when I inverted the bag after sewing. What is the best way to prevent at least the intitial wrinkles so it displays nicely? My plan was just to apply tan-kote but it will take a lot. Perhaps a thin layer? Any better suggestions? Thanks, Cameron
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