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  1. Thank you for answer, but this is real Sedgwick I bought this leather by Abbey England. Should I complaint this leather?
  2. skalpel

    Another Polish Briefcase.

    Thank you very much, for yours words but I'm only a beginner
  3. Hello my friends. After 15 min walk in rain my bridle leather briefcase made from Sedgwick bridle leather looks very bad. I would like to ask, this is normal or not? after 24 hours: Thank you for reply.
  4. skalpel

    Bridle Leather Briefcase

    nothing special... This design is very old, was created before the WWII
  5. skalpel

    Another Polish Briefcase.

    Thank you very much! I worked on that briefcase about 1 month but I work only few hours per night, because I have a full time job as a administrative worker in Hospital :D
  6. skalpel

    Another Polish Briefcase.

    Thank you very much for your words. Yes, I skived this leather by edges. After I took the pictures I made another two extra holes in the straps. I bought this leather by Very good contact and realy fast shipment. Ps. I'm realy sorry for my English language.... :/
  7. Hello my friends! I present you the briefcase that i finished last week. In this project I use 2,0-2,2 mm Italian veg tan leather, 432 brown fil au chinois lin cable, YKK zipper, solid brass hardware, the rivets are made from brass also. 7 SPI.
  8. skalpel

    Bridle Leather Briefcase

    I don't know I sent these pices to a big leather company and they split it for me.
  9. skalpel

    Bridle Leather Briefcase

    Thank you very much for your words! It's the same leather but i split it to 1,5-1,8mm
  10. skalpel

    Music Bag With Brass Closure

    Fantastic pice of work! Congrats!
  11. Hello everyone. I made this briefcase at last week. 3,5mm Sedgwicks bridle leather (shoulder) in australian nut. Fill au chinois 432. Solid brass hardware. few other pics
  12. skalpel

    A Polish Briefcase :)

    Yes I do that. In my opinion it is very important. Otherwise leather could tear at this place. I don't use them I use a overstitch wheel in size circa 6 spi. Very thanks for this information. I will use them in the next project This is how look this briefcase after one year of use.
  13. skalpel

    A Polish Briefcase :)

    Thank you very much for your compliments. This is the price of the tannery, of the whole double bend, not for square meter. without shipping cost (+10 euro). I thought it was not a big price when I look of the prices of Sedgwick's leathers. I bought now one Sedgwick shoulder (10 sq ft) by Abbey England and included the shipping cost (30 GBP) and taxes (20% VAT) i paid 164 euro.... :/
  14. skalpel

    A Polish Briefcase :)

    By this projeckt I use leather from bend. One double bend in nature color this is a cost circa 150-170 euro in the first class quality.
  15. Hello dear friends! My name is Darek an i'm an autodidact leatherworker from Poland. I want to introduce You a briefcase I made one year ago. This briefcase is made from 2,8mm hand dyed, veg tan polish leather. The interior is lined with italian goat suede in racing green color. Hardware are solid brass made. All is 100% hand stitched with 1mm thread. I hope you like it. I am open for any critique from Your side. Ps. Sorry for my English language another pics...