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  1. Hi all! Looking for this specific tool http://kawazairyo.com/?pid=65848611 or something that will let me flatten the edges like this one does, but preferably in the states. This site doesn't ship outside Japan from what i can tell, but I need a tool like the one pictured. I know a few of them are just edge creasers and a few flatten the edge fully, i'm looking for something like the second one, pictured below. Specifically this variation http://img02.shop-pro.jp/PA01006/392/product/65848611_o3.gif?20131027192435 Any help is appreciated! Thanks all!
  2. @DavidL - Thank you as always! @billybopp - Thanks Bill! @Builderofstuff - I use 3-4 oz. for the exterior, 4-5 oz. will do well but can be bulky. The interior is always 2-3 oz. which works best for the inside of just about any wallet. @MonicaJacobsen - Thanks! I take the most pride in those haha @Raw Custom - Yes I did, I usually cut it by hand (no template) to a certain size for the big pieces and have cardboard cutouts for the complex pieces: interior pockets, slots, etc. @Wild Bill46 - Thanks! I try to make sure that they wont get flimsy over time, sacrifices a thin profile, but it makes them last.
  3. Helps a lot joe! I'm going to get a cheap one and try it out! That video is insane and aside from using some cloth to rub across the surface, the boxwood burnisher seems like my best bet. Thanks to both of you!
  4. Thanks for the information! I'll look into it, I've got scrap lying around so i'll try that, I've no clue what else could be used, maybe a heated wax of some sort? I'm going to try everything I can, thanks for your contribution David! Kevin
  5. Hi everyone! It's been a while (at least three months) since I posted some of my work! I'd like to share some of my recent creations with you, hope you all enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated Best Regards, Kevin Burgundy Chromexcel Card Case Russet Harness Card Case Shell Cordovan Goodies Natural Leather Long wallet thank you for looking!
  6. Hi all! Haven't posted in a while, life gets in the way of leather working sometimes, haha. I'm getting back into leathercrafting and I saw some crazy stuff recently, glazed natural leather. I looked for some to order but the only one I've found is from japan and the shipping outweighs the cost of the leather, so I started to look into hand glazing it myself. I've seen a few people that have done it but they keep their process secret, which left me at a dead end. If anyone here has ever done it or can point me in the right direction as to where to find techniques, materials, and tutorials I'd be extremely grateful! Thanks all! Best Regards, Kevin
  7. @joesnuffle - I feel the same way! These were some of my earlier pieces but recently I've shifted to using the natural/undyed variants of cord, looks much more subtle, thanks for the tips! @stangman645 - Thanks a lot! To be honest I've modified the design so much to make it ergonomic and easy to handle I couldn't tell you. But now I cut the inside piece to 9mm x 23mm and the back to 9mm x 27+mm depending on what weight leather I use. Usually I use 3-4 oz. For the exterior and 2-3 oz. For the interior. Shoot me a message if you have any more questions, I'm happy to help! @nguoilamvuon - thank you so much
  8. @wild bill46 - Thanks Bill! @alackofcolor - Thank you for the kind words!! I buy it from springfield leather, usually it's perfect, this was the butt of the cow so it was silky smooth and thin, best i've gotten from them. @camerius - Much appreciated my friend!
  9. KGV

    Drop Handle Joint

    Drop Handle Joint / Wallet Chain connector / Door knocker stud / Whatever they're called, I need to get some preferably from a CONUS supplier, the ones from japan take at least three weeks to get here. Anyone know where i can buy some? Thanks!!!!
  10. Bob, I have questions when it comes to gluing the edges before stitching/finishing. When working with wallets and small leather goods what is the process for application of the glue? Could you tell me your process? Thanks!
  11. @Joe - Thanks! I think my stitching could be better though haha
  12. @Joe - that's all looks, I thought all around stitching looked cleaner
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