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  1. thanks for the feedback stelmackr, ill have to try that, i guess putting it on with a sponge, as lightly as i thought i was, is still to heavy. looks like a trip to harbor freight is in order.
  2. hey everyone, ive had the problem of my swivel knife cuts and beveling swelling a bit when i apply resolene. so after i tool a piece, the cuts and beveling looks really deep and crisp, but when i apply resolene as a finish with a brush or sponge, very lightly, its like the leather sucks it up and swells and i lose a lot of the crispness of the tooling.... anyone else experience this?, i have no before and after pics but i think my explanation gives a good idea of what im experiencing. thanks for reading -Josiah
  3. hay all, i was wondering if anyone has a problem with applying a finish(i use resolene) over tooling? when i sponge or brush it on over swivel cuts and beveling, it seems to swell the leather so the tooling is no longer crisp looking... i dont put it on heavy at all but its like im casing the leather again.. i see people post pics of carving and tooling and it doesnt seem like they have the samething happen, their stuff still looks crisp
  4. looks good! do you cement the leather to the flask? i noticed most flasks have a curvature to them so i would think if its just laced there would be gap between the leather and the flask.... so i am curious as to how you did it
  5. thanks man! appreciate the offer , that would an awesome experience!! pin up looks great!
  6. amazing work! i wish i had artistic ability like this... i struggle tooling even with craftaids as a guide!... keep up the good work and keep posting pictures
  7. were these done with a burning iron? this is an amazing display of artistry
  8. cool..looks well made .. makes a huge difference when stitching ... the only mistake i made when making mine was i used round bolts on the bottom to secure the hinges ... now i have to be careful so i don't scratch the chair when i am using it
  9. i did a multitool sheath in which i tooled the front piece while it was flat and then i wet formed it around a wooden form.. i lost a good deal of the definition but the cuts remained visible, so i touched up the bad spots by pressing and rubbing the tools where needed and the result was not too bad..... other than my tooling skill suck to begin with
  10. maybe try dying a scrap piece and then burn it and see if that gives a better result.... i love burned designs and dont see many examples on here so i would love to see a pic of what it looks like.... also there is a video on youtube by ian atkinson where he burns lettering in a notebook cover and then he uses either stain or antiquing over the piece and the burned portion remained intact .
  11. a sheath for a multi tool for a coworker.. he wanted floral on the pouch portion and a sunrise on the flap.. wetforming the pouch after tooling it was a challenging task, i had to go over most of the tool marks again to redefine them. but the person i made it for was extremely happy with how it turned out and i was pretty proud also considering my limited experiece. thanks for looking
  12. awesome! i dig the sailor jerry style...i thought i remembered seeing a sailor jerry stencil book at barnes and noble a long time ago... what leather did you use for this?
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