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  1. Hi Leatherworker family, I run an artisan workshop in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and recently sent an order out to a customer in Ft. Worth, TX that had a simple mistake that now needs to be remedied. Seeing as the customer is on a time schedule, getting the bags back to Haiti isn't an option so I'm looking for someone in Ft. Worth that would be willing to take on a quick alteration job. My team sewed the tabs on the outside of the bag, as opposed to the inside, and I just need the tabs removed, and resewn on the inside. The same leather can be used, it would just require some black or navy waxed thread. This is a time sensitive request, so any responses are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks so much for the help, guys, that eBay article was incredibly helpful. I guess I should elaborate a little on the amount of use the machine would get. I would most likely be running this machine daily, as we do private label production for other brands, and everything is stamped, and would like to have a little flexibility in the sizing, say a 4 inch minimum for stamping size. I'll be stamping mostly smaller goods, but also the occasional leather tote, but I don't think a smaller workspace would be a huge issue if I stamp before sewing. Rocky, how do the magnesium stamps hold up to heat? I'm up to close to 40 custom stamps right now for various clients, and the brass is quite pricey. Josh
  3. Alright, I'm overwhelmed by hot foiling machines, and seeking advice. I'm in the market for a hot foil machine, we've been using an arbor press, and I'm ready to add foil to our customization options, but don't know the best direction to go. I have about $700 to spend on one and am just confused. I want to be able to mount my brass tamps on the press without using the tape that I've seen people write about. Does anyone have any experience with the Kingsley presses? Would I be able to do that on this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kingsley-hot-foil-stamping-machine-model-M-50-type-and-type-holders-/282085520442 Just looking for some guidance before pulling the trigger.
  4. Thanks so much for the help guys! I live in Haiti and do a lot of my sourcing in the Dominican Republic, and y'all helped me out at a clutch time. I was sitting in a show shop looking at a wall of thread, so confused. Went with the 277, and love it.
  5. I'm looking for a bit of guidance on machine thread weights as they relate to different leather weights. I mostly do hand stitching, and really have no experience on what to buy for machine thread. What weight thread would you experts recommend for a lighter weight goat skin, and then a heavier veg tan? I don't rememebr the exact weight of the goat, but the veg is 2.3-2.7 mm. Thanks, and sorry if this is a repeat question!
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