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  1. Looking for a small Basket weave stamp but I don't know the number . Looking on Ebay and don't want to get the wrong one . I know there is an extra small one but I wouldn't be able to even see it . Thanks , Sorcerer
  2. So I never saw where you attach the cover to all these parts , or I totally missed it . Plus when it is folded the short end does match the outside but it will not open all the way ?? Don't get it . Sorcerer
  3. I had a pattern on my PC that went South on me and I was unable to retrieve it . Anyone got one . This time I will make a perm . copy Thanks in advance Arley
  4. Thanks to you . I think I will leave some room just in case .I may leave a bit around the trigger guard are also then adjust as needed after the fold . Thanks , Arley
  5. Thanks a lot . I just wasn't sure. I can not ruin leather as I am on a fixed income and an old fart to boot . Arley
  6. I have made a couple holsters out of 8/9 oz. leather with good results . I made my own pattern for a "Slim Jim " style . My question is will I need to extend out past my pattern in order to make up for the much thicker 9/10 leather , or am I over thinking this ? Just seems that there will be a difference once it is folded over . Thanks for any feedback / recommendations . Sorcerer1 Arley
  7. Looking for a good stitching groover . Not a $100.00 one just one that works . I have one I got some time ago and It is Cr__ Got it on EBay year ago and they sell for anywhere from $4.00 and up but are all the same design . Thanks , Sorcerer1 Arley
  8. No reason other than ease of doing it . Pulling a lighter thread seems it would be easier as I will be hand stitching it . Sorry for late replies . Been having health problems that cause a drop in my activities .
  9. I like , very much . Great color . If I may ask what dyes etc. did you use ? Arley aka Sorcerer1
  10. As the title suggests . I will be hand stitching a liner to a gun belt . 9/10oz . belt and 4/5 oz . liner leather . My thinking is thinner rather than heavy . But I'm pretty new to this part of the craft . I have stitched one other belt but not this heavy so ? Arley aka Sorcerer1
  11. Thanks for the info. I think I'll go with the 6/7 oz. I'll get some more leather and start hand stitching it . Going to be about a month though .
  12. The belt is 8/9 oz . leather Carries a heavy six gun .
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