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  1. Sewed it all by hand. Got to get a better system for making the holes lol. Thick leather and all. I just looked at a few designs and winged it. I know what to do differently next time tho. I can spot a few mistakes on it. But, not bad for a first attempt and he was happy to get it and likes it. That's what counts! Thanks for all the replies folks!
  2. Friend of mine has a Leatherman and the belt loop on the nylon (blech!) case ripped so he asked me to make him a leather one. Here is my finished product. Not too bad for working with leather this thick for the first time and doing wet forming for the first time. My hand sewing needs some practice too.
  3. Thanks much. Missed that one when I searched I guess. Will look into a few of those listed.
  4. I had to reformat my hd a few times cos bad stuff happened and I lost my pic resizing prog. I think it was Picasa, but I am not sure. I know there was a post about that type of prog, but I am not sure where it went. Might have been lost. Anyone remember the post or prog?
  5. Yep. They are cool. I am thinking I need to make a few for presents.
  6. Makes me wish I wasn't so stinking broke. Luck on selling em.
  7. Looks good to me! What color did you use for the dye? Like the lacing too. I made one a while ago and it didn't turn out half that good. But my wife carries it in her purse and uses it every day.
  8. Looks really nice! Great idea with the loops too. I would have added another flap to keep the business ends of the tools from touching, but thats just me. Course, my carry bag is a nylon laptop carry bag that has a divider in it so I put one of my marble slabs in the back and the original Nature Tand box with my current projects in it with a ziploc bag of tools. Gets kinda heavy with the marble, but it has most of what I need. Mind if I swipe your idea?
  9. Found it. Its just a metallic silver Sharpie. Like I said, works good for outlines and accents. Also works for marking out the pattern on the back of the velvet for my rosary pouch lining. I really need to learn how to use an airbrush.
  10. I have used a silver marker and had it turn out great. Worked good for accents and outlines. Not sure how it would work for large areas tho. If I can find the one I used, I will post exactly what it is.
  11. Looking at the pics, all I could say was "WOW". Numerous times. Love the pattern and nice lacing too.
  12. I have the same question as well. A guy at work saw a cell case I am working on and he asked me if I could make a hatband out of a rattler skin he had. Shot it on his back porch lol. He did not scale it or tan it, just dried it. It is also a few years old, creased and really dry. What proportions of rose oil and glycerin is used? Is there anything else that will work to soften it? What I plan on doing is getting the size of the hat and using a backer piece of leather wrap the skin around it and cement it. Any thoughts on that? (he did keep the rattle and wants a tail on the band in the back)
  13. In tight areas, what does one use? I have thought about using a Q-tip and on my latest attempt at leather working I tried to do the main part with a lint free cloth wrapped around my fingers and finished with a brush around the parts that were colored. End result was kinda spotty with some darker areas around the colored parts. (cell phone case with the carved parts green and red. used highlighters for those parts)
  14. I made one sort of like that years ago out of denim. The only thing I would do different is roll it the other way with the small wrenches on the inside and the large ones on the end, but under the flap. That would keep the smaller wrenches from falling out. Nice work tho! Bout time I made another one too lol. The denim is starting to wear out.
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