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  1. Thanks a lot for your comments! The sunburst was actually just an experiment, since I was going to keep this one for myself I have this $25 airbrush setup to spray resolene on larger areas and I always had in mind to try something like fading edges or gradients but never found a suitable project. Now I bought a bass with a pretty bright paint job and I needed something nicer than what I already had. I was surprised at how well this new one turned out, something I didn't expect was that the stamps would not pick up the sprayed paint very well so the red still shines through. I keep the flower natural by putting on several coats of a resist / clear lacquer before using antique. I also used this on the coloured parts of the design such as the green leaves and the white skull. The foam is from a company that produces medical pillows and matresses, I think it is widely available. I used some other types of foam in other straps but I found that, besides being more comfortable, it retains its shape underneath the lining best. Also, I have the feeling that after a while the foam sort of takes the shape of your shoulder - my other strap became more comfortable over time (which is nice since I had a nasty collarbone injury).
  2. Hi everyone, Last Christmas I've been working on some overdue projects. This one took me quite some time This one's for my own bass, I lined it with pigskin and memory foam. It's my first try with the airbrush and I'm pretty pleased I know the shading on these roses isn't exactly up to many of your standards but I'm hoping you like it anyways. Comments are always welcome! Frederiek
  3. Great work, I really like the way the hardware pops out from the clean look of the leather (if that makes sense)!
  4. Brilliant! Very cool design. I'm not going to show this to my own sister
  5. Thanks again! Yeah that's the one ^^
  6. Wow that sounds amazing, I'm looking forward to that! The new owner of this strap is a comic book collector and while I'm a big fan of Lichtenstein I actually don't know much about comics... So I chose for something I did know (I didn't communicate the design as it was a first time for many things for me with this one) and it was a hit I'm currently working on a guitar stool that matches my own strap and I plan on doing a second stool+strap with another pop art design....
  7. Superb, great idea but perfect execution!
  8. There's no secret I only tried out airbrush once and I suck at it. So it's all (really cheap) regular brushes, small ones, and a lot of patience. Here's some pictures of the progress (sorry for the mess ): And here's my superb custom dot tool:
  9. That's some great input, many thanks! I hadn't looked at it that way myself, when I started working with leather the natural look and feel appealed to me most of all, some kind of authenticity that isn't found in other materials. But indeed, now that I'm progressing so to say the focus shifts to the versatility (and durability of course) of working with leather. And it opens a whole lot of new opportunities Thank you! Oh, and some pictures of the new owner's bass:
  10. Thanks a lot for your (very honest haha!) responses :D I put a lot of time and effort in this one so your comments really matter to me.
  11. That idea crossed my mind too, would be awesome!! For this particular one I took the most interesting parts of the image already, but ones with a lot of detail (explosions and such ) would be really suitable. Thanks!!
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