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  1. Hi guys, my girlfriend asked me a carved belt, but since she doesn't want a complex one, I was looking for simple ways to decorate it. I found this interesting example: https://www.etsy.com/it/listing/84019596/hand-carved-amber-vine-handcrafted?ref=sr_gallery_18&ga_search_query=leather+belt+carved&ga_ship_to=IT&ga_page=2&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery I was wondering how it is tooled..it seems simply cut and beveled..isn't it? or is it a more complex work? Thanx a lot!! Daniele
  2. Hi folks! I was wandering how I could cut leather to achieve a result like this http://www.outblush.com/women/fashion/jewelry/butterfly-leather-cuff-/ I read it can be done with the pyrograph, but I really don't know how... Do you have any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi Bob..! I would like to take advantage of your experience and knowledge asking you an advice...I am making a bag, with 3/4 oz cal leather, lined with cloth (don't know exactly which one...). I want to finish the edges, how can I achieve that? Is the procedure the same as with leather alone (as you described in your great tutorial) or not? Thanks in advance, Daniele
  4. thanks for the answers..! I got my beveler with a basic kit including the swivel knife and some tools...it worked good for the first time, but now I need something better. can you tell me where ti find such tools?
  5. I made an attempt...it turned out very well, with deep and clear carvings, but no darker effect... I'll try using Eco-Flo antique gel...(is it good? what do you think?)
  6. Hi guys! I have a question, quite stupid I think, but I am a noob so please be patient =) I have some troubles when I have to bevel small details on my carvings. I have a Craftool B197 beveler, which is good for general usage, but not very comfortable for small details, and I di many works with small details. So the question is: are there smaller bevelers to do that? Any particular technique?? Or do I need more practice?? Thanks a lot!! Daniele
  7. thanks for the answers!! Now I have only to understand how to apply properly the resistant and try...=) I have Eco-Flo super shene, is it ok? Do I have to apply it wuth a brush, sponge or other methods?
  8. @Camano: What about oiling leather?? I found another picture of the effect I really would to achieve...http://www.klendasaddlery.com/images/design/100_0191.jpg do you think it's difficult? How can I do??
  9. let us know when you got it! =)
  10. Hi! I have a question for you experts: I saw lots of pics on the Internet of tooled leather pieces that became a little darker where tooled. I'll post an example: http://www.leathercraftstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/2nd-comparison.jpeg on the lower picture you'll see what I mean...the carved leather being darker than its natural color. Does it depend on the quality/kind of leather, on casing it or what?? I think that's the way to acheve effects like the one on the first picture with finishers...isn't it? Thanks a lot!
  11. Oh, I'm interested in too! I found that website some imes ago, but as you I am not sure if it's good...
  12. Hi to all! I was wondering where to buy good pieces of veg-tan cowhide for my projects...I have a supplier near my home, but he has not so much choice and only 2 thicknesses available...where can I find a good supplier for Europe? Thanx in advance!
  13. Good works! Can I ask you how did you make the internal pockets? Thanx in advance!
  14. great job...! can you link me the leather you have used? Is it veg-tan?
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