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  1. this site is too screwy. I need a moderator to edit or delete a post? So just to change something that I typoed I have to wait for for folks who never seem to be online to begin with? and who have to agree to modify or delete FOR me? NEVER heard of such a thing! My Osborne splitter #86 was miss priced at $350 and should have been listed @ $450. But with all the hassles surrounding this site I don't care if it sell or NOT.
  2. Selling my absolutely perfect #86 splitter by Osborne. Still have the original box and paperwork as well. Razor sharp and a great item for any craftsman. I won't be monitoring this forum, too busy. If you're interested you can email me at: captusa1948@gmail.com OR call me at 406.370.7080 (that's Montana) I'm asking $450.00 and you pay shipping. Her's a photo of it case your interested. Thanks, Alan
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