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  1. Good video karlpv, thanks for sharing. Where are you located in N California?
  2. Hi Kiwibraider, core diameter times 1.5 divided by number of strings you wish to use is what I use. Your string thickness times four will tell you how much your braid will add to your core diameter to figure the size core you want. For example, I generally use 1/16 thick strings for hackamores, so my cores need to be 1/4 in. smaller than what I want for a finished hackamore. I use rawhide, so roo may vary, but kind of a rule of thumb. Hope this helps, you can make the metric conversions lol.
  3. I have made a few keepers, work on a mandrel in the shape you want the finished keeper to be, after it’s dried slide it off & dip in shellac. That’s worked well for me. For covering your browbands your basically talking a long knot. Any of the long knots in Grant’s book will do the trick. Also check out the nose button guide for something longer.
  4. I had the same thought as Brad. I would put a ring knot at each end & glue it in place, then work your finish knot over them. Just like a hackamore nose knot. You can find directions for a multi string nose knot in Grant’s book.
  5. Your knot looks good. To your question, if you even out & straighten you base knot at every pass it goes a long way to help with the twisting. So with your two bight start, even out your spacing & line up your v’s. Same with four bights ect. Even more important with long knots like nose knots. Hope this helps & keep up the good work.
  6. Hi Skip, have him give me a call (530)905-0158. Be happy to built him one or repair his. Buck
  7. There are different ways, all are right lol. I braid around a core the same as I do without, which is to push up with my thumb & forefinger of the hand holding the last cross & pull the next strand tight on the under side & lay it tight. So, Braid tight as I go & my pull is only tightening up a few crosses. Many braid looser & pull tight further up the braid. If you are on Facebook, Bill Black has a video showing this. It’s kind of what works best for you. Most tend to soap above their braid as they go so the strings slip. Hope that all makes sense. Buck.
  8. Also on something like that, I would probably bag the piece in plastic overnight to really allow the glue to soak in evenly througout.
  9. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner Wenny. Sounds like you got it figured out though. I’ve used the granulated hide glue, but seems like the titebond worked good.
  10. Hi Wenny, A mixture of 1 psrt hide glue to 2 parts water will do wonders as well as being good for the rawhide. If you know any woodworkers they may have it on hand or you can order small amounts off the internet. It’s about the only thing I know ofto replace the life & snap to rawhide that has become raggy. You are replacing the glue which is the main thing that gives rawhide its life. Good luck. Buck
  11. The knot your asking about is a two strand turkshead. If you go to Jack Armstrong Braiding page on Facebook, he has a good video on it. Good luck. Buck.
  12. Hi maketo, there are a few people around who make ready made strings. Go to Facebook & check the Rawhide &/or Rawhide Workers groups. Where are you locsted?
  13. Without knowing the condition of the leather, this may be chancy. Pull out the broken strands one cross at a time & follow, replace it with a new piece. When you reach a point where the lesther is sound, bury the end of the old strand under a couple of crosses, go over it with the new strand & then bury the end of it as well. Hope this helps. Buck.
  14. That is definitely repairable & not super hard. You either cut it off, braid a new loop, interweave it on & then a new cover button or you can do a quirt style cover on it. I just finished one for a customer but didn't take any pics If you want to send it up to me I'd be happy to repair it for them for $30. Contact me on Facebook. Buck Harness.
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