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  1. bucksnort

    What kind of knot is this??

    The knot your asking about is a two strand turkshead. If you go to Jack Armstrong Braiding page on Facebook, he has a good video on it. Good luck. Buck.
  2. bucksnort

    Braiding rawhide - where to start

    Hi maketo, there are a few people around who make ready made strings. Go to Facebook & check the Rawhide &/or Rawhide Workers groups. Where are you locsted?
  3. bucksnort

    Is this a lost cause?

    Without knowing the condition of the leather, this may be chancy. Pull out the broken strands one cross at a time & follow, replace it with a new piece. When you reach a point where the lesther is sound, bury the end of the old strand under a couple of crosses, go over it with the new strand & then bury the end of it as well. Hope this helps. Buck.
  4. bucksnort

    Romel repair

    That is definitely repairable & not super hard. You either cut it off, braid a new loop, interweave it on & then a new cover button or you can do a quirt style cover on it. I just finished one for a customer but didn't take any pics If you want to send it up to me I'd be happy to repair it for them for $30. Contact me on Facebook. Buck Harness.
  5. bucksnort

    where can i buy rawhide needed to make a reata

    Contact Billy Demarco, he's on Facebook Bret Haskett's wife Melanie was also selling some. Bret is on here (Leatherpownder) or on FB Bret n Melanie Haskett. Either one will sell you quality rawhide. Buck.
  6. bucksnort

    Unbleached rawhide lace

    Get in touch with Billy DeMarco at Flat Brim Saddle & Rawhide Shop Po Box 217 Dublin, Texas 76446 254-445-0373 shop phone. He will have what your looking for.
  7. bucksnort

    What am I doing wrong (6 strand around a core)

    I agree with MadHatter, core is too big to cover with six strands that width. If your definitely wanting to cover that size core it looks like 8 strands would probably do it & you could go to an o/u 2.
  8. bucksnort

    Rawhide help

    Get in touch with Bret Haskett at rawhiderbh@yahoo.com. He is at Pocatello ID. & does some classes. Also get on the Rawhiders Gathering, Rawhide, & Rawhide Workers groups on Facebook. Lots of good info there. Buck
  9. bucksnort

    Using rawhide for the first time

    No problem. Keep us posted on how it goes.
  10. bucksnort

    Using rawhide for the first time

    Hey Entiendo, Sorry your having trouble. With rawhide it's all about the temper, if the moisture is right it works easy. Most people try to work it too wet when they start. Set up some kind of humidor. I use a plastic tub with a screen a couple of inches off the bottom (a five gal. bucket works too), about an inch of water underneath & the rawhide above on the screen. Soak your rawhide for a few minutes & then put it in the humidor for 12-24 hrs. It should feel somewhat dry, but be flexible. Your tools will work fine if the moisture is right. Hope this helps a little.
  11. bucksnort

    Square Peg in a Round Hole

    No problem, should look nice.
  12. bucksnort

    Mandrel And Then?

    Looks great.
  13. bucksnort

    Mandrel And Then?

    I'm think Joel covered it. I too work all my knots directly onto the piece.
  14. bucksnort

    Rawhide Rounds

    I do things a little different than most. I cut mine into 10 in. squares & stack them on a shelf. When I'm ready to use them, I wet them in a 5 gal bucket & temper them. Then I mark a circle with a divider. I cut my strings from that circle. Each will yield about 25 ft of 1/4 soga which is plenty long for anything except reatas. As far as even thickness, if you measure in about 8-10 in. from each end the remaining center part will be pretty even as a rule & older animals will be more even overall. Going down toward the belly is kind of a matter of feel when you start getting into the flanky part. Hope that is some help & as I said, just my way & different from most
  15. bucksnort

    Braiders In Southern Oregon?

    Check out Jack's classes. They are usually 2-3 days. It would be well worth the trip over to Lakeview if you can work it out. Check out the FB pages I mentioned, lots of good info there & on this site. Send me a friend request on FB if you want & if you have a chance to get down this way I'll help out where I can. Also, like Joe said, the Rocky Mt. Leather show is great, lots of classes & a good opportunity to interact with braiders. Buck