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    Leather Box

    Thank you all. This is my third box. I think if I can figure out how to hide the seam (other than not showing it in the picure) it will be perfect.
  2. Sorry for late reply. I am on instagram @rnlleather . Or you can email me at rnlleather@gmail.com for details. thank you, Robert
  3. zoomer56

    Leather Box

    Thanks all for the great comments. I did bookmark the Tandy Leather patterns link, thank you.
  4. zoomer56

    Leather Box

    This is my third attempt at making a box of leather. I was inspired by the Florentine boxes I saw on the internet. I figured a man made those, well I can make one too. Well its not simple, many many steps. I took the pictures below purposely hiding the flaws. The biggest problem to solve yet is how to make the seam in the back (not shown) disappear. The four sides of the box are made by wrapping wet leather around a rectangular mold. The ends meet up in the back. For now they are square butted (I have tried feathering). Maybe the seam should be filled in with leather filler. I also like the diamond style tufted upholstery pattern so I made the floor out of pig skin. The box has a false bottom, pull it up and hide your valuables. Thanks for looking, you can see the progressing of this project at @rnlleather on Instagram.
  5. Awesome . . . I think he wants to go out and show off his new leather!
  6. I bought the whole standard Kindle Paperwhite case from Amazon. I tore it apart and replaced the back piece. But . . . don't do that if you make one. I should have just glued the back onto the existing leather for same affect and a lot less work. The front is glued and sewn.
  7. Thank you! Both sides are glued, The top is also sewed all the way around. The back is sewed just on the hinge.
  8. Made this for my Mom. She reads more than a book a week on her Kindle Paperwhite. It is 4/5 oz double shoulder from Tandy.
  9. The rivets are from Tandy? Go back to the store and ask them to show you how to set those exact rivets. They are excellent people and will help you solve the problem.
  10. that's pretty awesome . . . consider myself inspired!
  11. Thanks Sperrier. I think I've got the process and the pattern down. This knife (Agilis V2) only has a 2.5" blade, so it is small and carries pretty good in the front pocket.
  12. Here is a picture of the knife. I've tried several ways to get color into the welt over the past year. This was the keeper. Thank you for the comments. I have plain steel, black and brass pocket clips available.
  13. This is a sheath for a 2.5" blade made by my brother. The pocket clip is attached to blue lizard and that is sandwiched between two 2/3 oz pieces of leather. what's is new to my sheaths here is the blue welt.
  14. Awesome! I did the same thing from Tandy last year.
  15. Ha, I've never thought of that Wizard, that's excellent and thank you!
  16. Here is a shot of the back. That's me, RNL*, where the * stands for leather. @RNLLeather on Instagram.
  17. Thank y'all for the compliments. It was the first slant type sheath.
  18. Thank you for the compliment. A radius would also make finishing the edge easier.
  19. The knife is called Volunteer Cleaver and is made by a Tennesseean, @mjlknives. This is a large knife and the sheath places it nicely on the left hip. I include my design drawing because a lot of people saved it from my instagram post (@rnlleather). The slots are 2 inches. The angle is 60 degrees. I did make a test at the angle on a smaller knife and 60 degree seemed good. The customer is right handed and wanted a cross draw from the left side/front hip. The white thread is to match the white liners on the knife.
  20. By the way, that EDC knife was made by my brother. You can see his awesome work by searching @mjlknives on Instagram.
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