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  1. Guess I'll give it a shot...I'm sure the machine will stitch it, I was just curious if the stitch would hold up in that material. Thanks -- Jack
  2. Anyone had any experience with this? Just wondering about the ability to stitch a neoprene backing to an IWB holster with a cowboy or cobra leather stitcher.
  3. cleanview - I don't have another one like it right now. That has been the only one I have made. All the other troopers have wanted pancake holsters. Not really sure if I understand the question...On the front, the stiffener is 2 layers of leather. the inner layer (which has the thumb break) is skived down as it reaches the mid point of the bend. The outer layer wraps all the way around like a normal stiffener. The outer also has a round cutout on the front to protect the collar brass attached to the inner layer. Hope this helps...if not, let me know. Jack
  4. Thanks for the tips Chief... I finally got the thing straightened out I believe. I went back to the shop and started testing some more. When I slowed it way down and stopped when I had the problem, I noticed that the wrapped check spring problem was just a symptom of something else...it didn't happen 100% of the time. So I started checking everything thoroughly. I realized that the hook wasn't picking up the bottom thread when the problem appeared...so I checked the hook to needle alignment and it was advanced at least 5mm too far at bottom dead center. I got out the allen wrenches, made an adjustment and voila...nice stitches with no flagging and no skips. Guess I should've checked the obvious first, but I just assumed that the hook would've been set right upon arrival. I do think I'll take your advice and give a bunch of the components a thorough cleaning...
  5. That sounds exactly what I'm talking about...Once it loops over, the tension increases a bunch, it starts flagging and thus skipping stitches. I'll take a closer look at my check spring. Out of curiosity, what other tweaks did you do Chief? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply Wiz...I believe I understand what you are saying, but I don't believe the 3200 has the same little spring clip you are talking about on the 4500. it goes from the check spring to the take up and then from there down, it just goes through a guide and then needle bar. the guide under the take up lever is just a guide...no tension. I'll give Bob a call Monday if I cant figure it out. It dawned on me after reading your reply that this only happens with the black thread...I didn't have these problems with the same size white thread. Thanks again!
  7. I have a fairly new (3 month) old Cowboy 3200. I haven't sewn very much with it, but I have ruined 2 pieces this week. I've been having some flagging issues and I've been experimenting on scrap trying to figure out what the problem could be. I think I finally got all the tensions set right and it sews beautifully forward, but when I try to back stitch, it'll sew 1 or 2 of the stitches fine, but then on the other 1 or 2, I have the flagging issues again. I finally determined that when this happens, the thread is wrapped twice around the check spring causing a huge amount of tension on the top. Just curious if anyone has any ideas on how to correct this as I'm sure I have something out of adjustment.
  8. Nice job! I don't guess you have any links to any online resources you would be willing to share?
  9. Started a new job a little over a month ago and don't have as much play time anymore, so I decided that if I was going to continue my hobby, I HAD to get a machine. Placed an order for a CB3200 today. I ordered it with the taller 4500 stand, a couple of accessories, 4 lbs of thread and plenty of extra needles. I went back and forth between it and the 4500, but in the end, felt like the 3200 will handle anything I'll be throwing at it. I'll follow up after I get it for anyone that's interested...hard to believe that with all they've sold, there aren't more videos of the thing out there.
  10. You can order the Blackhawk CQC paddle platform from several vendors. There are others as well, but that is what I've been using lately and my customers really like them. A google search should turn up several sources.
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