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  1. This stitching has nothing to do with timing. It is the tension screw/spring on the bobbin holder. Screw it clockwise to tighten the spring and ccw to loosen it.
  2. Hey you two, thanks for the info on the 34k11. I need to make a table for the machine I do not have anything like the base. My machine has a roller foot instead of the pressure foot. I think I will run the machine around 350 to 400 spm.
  3. I hope you have found your needle bar by now. The one on my machine is 10.5 inches long and measures .373. I need to know the operating stitches per minute for this machine. Do you have any idea as to how much it weighs?? You do very nice work on your restorations. Keep up the excellent work. Regards vernon nichols
  4. Thank you very much. This machine is huge. I think it will sew 1/2" with no problem using the 277 thread. Thanks again Vernon Nichols.
  5. I recently purchased a Singer 34k11. Naturally there was no manual with the machine and I haven't been able to google this item. Help!!!! I need the threading instructions for this machine and a copy of the operators manual can any help?? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. This machine is not intended to sew leather. It is a cloth sewing machine
  7. The best place to find parts is at Landis Sales phone 217 five four three 3464. This gentleman bought out Landis when they went under. I think that is an Illinois phone number. Good luck. PS: The correct name for this monstrosity is The Landis Regular Lock Stitch Wax Thread Sewing Machine they never made a #1.
  8. All you need to do is order a new wheel from Osborne and a new set of punches.
  9. I have a very nice 6" E. C. Atkins spliter for sale. It is sharp and ready to go for 350 it can be your bench top spliter. I have pictures in here some where. Try E. C. Atkins splitter.
  10. I know for a fact that Hillside Harness 4205 Township Road 629 Millersburg, Ohio 44654 is a manufacturer of brass and other types of hardware. His phone number is 330 893-fifteen ten. Fax is 330 698 thirty two hundred. It is an Amish shop with a very nice gentleman running it.
  11. I use a rule of thumb for the waist size plus 10 inches. What ever the size of the jeans use the next for the belt. This will make the correct size for the belt. If the jean size is 38 that would be a size 40 belt. Good luck. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  12. Geneva

    45K21 For Sale

    I do believe that is the screw I need. Is it for sale if it is how much would you like for it? Thank you for looking.
  13. Geneva

    45K21 For Sale

    Well sir, on the right side of the #2 photo there is a large slotted head screw with one of the upper connecting rods on the end of it. What looks like a very dark line on the left side of the connecting rod is a wear gap. I can move this part left and right and it makes an air bubble on the shoulder of the screw. I think it is the G94 screw on the 1876 parts plate but I am not sure. I also discovered that the shaft that drives the shuttle has a tappered pin in it to hold that part in place. There is no way to change the location of the hook unsess you remove the pin.
  14. Geneva

    45K21 For Sale

    I have for sale a 45k21. It is a nice looking machine except it is worn out. I installed a new shuttle in it and it still will not sew. I tried to get it to sew but to no avail. The photos show some of the problems with the machine. The "green" photo with the red circle is a tapered screw with a tapered flat spot to locate the part it holds in place this was installed incorrectly. I took the screw out and realigned the parts and put it back together. The nut in the middle photo is the opposite side of the tappered screw. Just to the left of the nut is the end of the rocking device for the shuttle drive shaft. This screw is not missing. If you remove the screw the shuttle can not be retimed. There is a tapered drive pin to the left of the screw. The only way to adjust the shuttle timing is to remove the drive pin and reinstall the screw and use the screw to hold the shaft. The new shuttle brings the hook to the middle of the needle after moving the 3/16th inch up to retard the timing the hook in just 1/16 inch to the left of the needle. This position does not allow time to form the loop to sew. Thas is as far as I have gone and am going. This is the 3rd week trying to fix this thing. I have had enough. I did find some screws and parts that are worn and parts installed incorrectly. Some one tried to fix the machine before I bought it and failed. They probably had the same problem I have. I can't find parts for the machine. So I would like to sell it as a parts machine. It is missing the wax pot, the lifting arm for the pressor foot. It has a bobbin winder on the right side of the machine. I will take some pictures and post them. The head only is for sale not the table. I would like 350 for the head plus shipping. Thank you for your interest.
  15. Try bootmaker.com/manuals.htm
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