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    bronc halters, belts, dog collars, cell phone cases, knife sheaths, book covers...the small stuff
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  1. I voted for you along with other "Saturday Gang" leather buddies from the Union City Tandy. You were definitely deserving of first!! Hobbihorse
  2. hobbihorse

    Shaded design

    Very creative, Luv the effect. What number backgrounder did you use??
  3. Luv the depth of your tooling. Great work!
  4. !st time I've seen a leather covered board. Very creative and very cool!
  5. I'm with Leatherwytch...those are the coolest chaps. I've seen my share of 'em, and these are SO AWESOME. I love the color combo. Hobbihorse
  6. You go girl! The holster rocks!! BTW...the You Tube was hilarious. Hobbihorse
  7. Hi SBPark. I'm still a newbie myself. Been tooling since July 2013. I started with a deluxe beginner Tandy kit that was a gift, and poured thru their enclosed booklet and DVD to get started on the enclosed projects. As I gained some experience and knew I wanted to continue with the craft, I began purchasing vintage "Craftool USA" tools on ebay and etsy. The vintage craftools make nice impressions. Also, Tandy makes a premium line of craftools (in addition to their regular line) that are nice and not very expensive. I have other brands that are great as well, however Tandy works good for me since I live fairly close to their Union City store and go to their leather classes on Saturday mornings. Best of luck with your new hobby! You came to a great website for questions. I have gained so much info since joining, and really appreciate the comradery. Hobbihorse
  8. Thanks so much for sending me this link...very helpful!
  9. hobbihorse

    Marble Slab

    So cool. What a great deal!!
  10. Ready to bump up my skills...enrolled in Dale Moore's Saddle Building School in Montana for Sept 2015. Can hardly wait!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hobbihorse


      This will be a dream come true. I am still pinching myself!

    3. Jim


      That is so cool! You're going to love Montana!

    4. TJP


      Good for you, Hobbie! (I haven't been here for awhile, just saw this) What a great opportunity!

  11. Howdy, I can't find a previous post for this...but I'm looking for the see-through "plastic" material for stitching into a wallet for your ID card. Prefer buying it by the yard if possible.
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