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  1. Do you have pictures of it? Where are you located?
  2. Is this still available?
  3. If you would like the contact info for the sales rep for Serabraid, please let me know. I would be happy to forward to you privately along with a PDF brochure with pictures and specs. I think that the problem is that I am needing to buy retail, and they are only set up to sell bulk wholesale.
  4. The high resolution close up pictures that I've seen look identical to Ritza 25. Upon first learning of Serabraid, I had hoped that it would be more readlily available than the somewhat difficult to acquire Tiger or Ritza 25. I've been emailing back and forth with the U.S. sales rep for Amann (maker of Serabraid), but to no avail. Rediculous that it's so difficult to purchase quality braided poly thread. If I had the resources, I would become a reseller of either in a second. What little Tiger thread I have, I bought from Ludlow Leather which I think is either out of business or sold to a new owner. This has become a very sore subject for me. Sorry if my posts are a little on the "raw" side. I hope I wasn't rude inadvertently.
  5. Coats makes a BRAIDED POLY as well, but FINDING it here in the States is next to impossible. I quite fancy Serabraid (by... name of parent company escapes me). Serabraid looks IDENTICAL to Ritza 25/Tiger thread. Again, CAN'T seem to find a way to purchase it, even though I've been in communication with the U.S. sales rep! VERY frustrating. I too would like to know how to actually get in contact with a U.S. sales rep for Coats who can assist in purchasing. Thanks for posting.
  6. Note: I conducted a search of the forum before posting this, however if I missed a discussion please forgive me (and fire over a link to it). I'm looking to get into making leather boxes, and I would like to find portmanteau/inverse/reverse pricking irons similar to Joseph Dixon slanted style. Even Goods Japan/Craftsha diamond style would be fine. I have searched the internet, but have not yet found any options other than Vergez Blanchard which is way outside of my budget at this time. Thanks in advance for any information you care to share.
  7. Nice work Pinsplitter. Thanks for the info.
  8. I forgot to mention that I spent 90 minutes in store looking through EVERY OTHER HIDE in the 8-10 oz, and couldn't find a clean one! Some were somewhat clean, but had serious wrinkles. What's up?
  9. I feel like I need to make sure that my expectations are reasonable regard to quality and wholesale price of raw vegetable tanned leather. For about a year now, I have been buying (as a Gold member) Tandy's 8-9 oz. European bends for about $80 each. I purchased 3 of these bends about 45 days ago at that price. Today, I learned that my prices went from $80 each to $150 each. I use the European bends because I require super clean stock for the products that I make. The European bends are roughly 30" x 50" with about 10% waste max on the hides that I buy (every 3rd piece in the store is superb quality, and those are the ones I get). I realize that the drought last year caused some fluctuation in the market, but did prices double within just a few months? Another issue—which might just be on the local level—is I feel like I have to HAGGLE to get competitive prices. One example: Springfield sells quart Fiebing's for $30 retail, Tandy for $40 retail (elite is $30). Their snaps are like $50 for 100, which I have managed to get for $18/100 on a price match. I'm getting weary of dealing with Tandy. How can the expect a future if they only cater to the hobbyists? Am I unreasonable? Please help me if I'm way off here. I really want to be realistic.
  10. Can be made using gray paper and "blowing out" (over-exposing) a portion of the backdrop, or underexposing a portion of a white backdrop by position of the light. A softbox over your light [which creates a larger light source] is most handy to do this. [EDIT: A strobe type light is also highly recommended because it's nearly impossible to get enough light on the subject with a "hot light" (the kind that are constant light).]
  11. Etsy is owned by eBay? Seriously? I didn't know that.
  12. I'm baffled that this post doesn't have 100 pages of comments. This is seriously nice! I would be proud to claim that as my woodworking project. Fantastic job.
  13. http://www.ludlowleather.com our of Michigan, USA carries Tiger thread 500m spools for $45 free shipping. FYI.
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