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  1. I have been searching the web looking for spots like these. I guess they're spots? Maybe they're rivets? Are they sold like this or are they purchased separately then put together? Any advise as to where I can buy them would be great! I've only found spots with a shiny border.
  2. http://www.grahamequine.com/catalog.php?item=59
  3. I originally thought I was supposed to create a groove, use an overstitch wheel, then use an awl to punch holes. When I went to my local Tandy store the sales person recommended a diamond CHISEL (I also thought chisels were for wood). They punch all the way through the leather, supposedly making the overstitch wheel and awl unnessesary. So, my question was asked to get the opinions of others on what they use. I have not purchased a single leather tool yet, I don't have the budget to buy unnecessary tools. I want to make the right purchase the first time I have included links to various chisels http://www.csosborne.com/chisels_1.htm http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/en-usd/search/site-search-results.aspx?sectionpath=3&processor=content&p_keyword=Diamond+chisel
  4. I am new to leather work. I want to try and make horse halters (bronc and bling). Do you recommend using a chisel to create the holes for stitching or an awl? Then, what size/spacing is advised?
  5. Thank you very much for the advise! I youtubed videos and I think I can handle that!
  6. Great Job! I've been kicking around the idea of trying to make "bling" tack. My biggest setback is the fact that I don't have the proper sewing machine - and I've never worked with leather! I dont want to buy the supplies, and get everything cut then have no way to sew it up What kind of machine do you use? Do you feel it is adequate? I'd appreciate any advice.
  7. Wish that I could go out and buy the best machine I could. With 3 kids that always need something, there is not a big budget in my household for my attempt at this hobby. So I will have to go with the cheapest acceptable option, and keep my fingers crossed it doesn't break down before I decide I'm committed to leather work. I realize that the ideal budget is $1500-$3000, I just hope someone has a more affordable temporary suggestion. The pictures I attached is tack created by Cowboy Couture Tack and Crown Leather. They are the type of tack I aspire to create
  8. I love the custom horse tack I see available, and I really think I could make some. But, my biggest hurdle is the sewing machine!! I realize the better ($$$) the machine is the easier it will be. Unfortunately that is an expensive commitment when I am not 100% sure I actually have leather working skills. So my question is, what is the minimum requirement for sewing leather and what low cost options do you recommend? I read the article cautioning about the "industrial" sewing machines on eBay. I have been searching Craigslist for local deals and cross referencing those with this forum. Is it possible to rent an appropriate machine? Once I am sure I can do this I have no problem investing in a better quality machine.
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