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  1. Hi, folks. I'm not clear how to remove the posit, but wanted to let you know the skiver has been sold.
  2. Purchased a couple of years ago, I thought I would use this skiver more than I do. Used for a few projects, the skiver is in like-new condition. Here's a link to the machine on Leather Sewing Machine Company's site - the company from which I purchased it: https://leathermachineco.com/product/np4-bottom-feed-skiving-machine/ They show it now sold on a pedastal-style table. Mine is in a standard industrial table, like this one: https://americanleatherworks.com/products/cobra-np-4-bell-knife-skiving-machine-1 I am located in Los Angeles, and prefer to sell locally. It retails for a bit over $1500. I would like to get $1200, but am motivated - I need the space!
  3. Hi, Terry. An older post, but I see that you had a pdf for the Junker & Ruh SD28. For some reason, it is not downloading. Any chance you still have it and I can get you to send it to me via email? I'd appreciate it. Thanks. RussellConte@gmail.com
  4. Thank you for the KS blade lead! Now to find those forks...
  5. Hello, folks. I'm looking for the attached tools, or something equivalent - both brogue punches, and fixed dividers. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
  6. Good morning, folks! Hope the day finds you in great spirits. I wanted you to be the first to know that I've been in discussion with Lineapelle for the past several months about coming to Sewing Arts to teach a comprehensive overview on leather - the process of creating it, the different types and their functions/usages. Lineapelle is a Milan based company that produces international leather trade conventions in New York and in Milan twice yearly. While they are presenting the New York show in July, they offered us up the opportunity to have them come to Los Angeles to present a class at Sewing Arts Center. I just confirmed the date: Two representatives will be coming to Sewing Arts Center July 23rd for an all day class, 10 AM to 5:30 PM. The description provided by Lineapelle follows: We will start with an overview of the hides and skins and their relevant features, then we will describe the stages of tanning. We will also evaluate technical and aesthetic elements of the final products. Each participant will be able to have hands-on leather experience thanks to our extensive set of samples. PROGRAM RAW MATERIALS​: ​ Features of the most frequently used hides and skins and the products they are generally used for MARKET INFORMATION​: ​ The Italian and International Leather Industry TYPES OF TANNING TREATMENTS​: ​ Chrome tanning, vegetable tanning, white tanning, synthetic tanning and their impact on leather POST-TANNING OPERATIONS​: ​ Retanning, dyeing and colors, fatliquoring FINISHING AND LOOKS​: ​ Effects, techniques and achievable properties DIFFERENT TYPES OF LEATHER​: ​ Recognition of specific finished leathers such as nubuck, suede, glazed, milled grain, laminated, pull-up, etc. Overview of terminology and leather’s features FINISHING SPECIAL EFFECTS​: ​ Attention is paid to the fashion effects and to the more creative articles: cracquelé, puffed up, laser-cut, cut-out, braided, embroidered leather, etc. To enhance the experience of the participants, we use full-sized leathers and hand out smaller samples. (And samples are provided for participants to take home.) For all of you who are trying to connect the dots about the whys, wherefores, how tos and what nots about leather, and knowing how expensive leather is, this class will provide you the foundation you need to make educated choices when working with this amazing resource. Class size is limited to 20 students and the registration fee is $150. If you would like to register for the class, give Sewing Arts Center a call at 310-450-4300. Thanks!
  7. Good morning. Any chance you would reconsider shipping to Los Angeles? If so, I'm interested. Thanks kindly.
  8. Good question... wish I could answer it! A piece I had, and is now done. So truly, one of a kind... Unless I can find the leather again. It was actually nice to work - a reasonably hard finish but not too rigid that was easy to needle and to finish. Thanks! Ah... Edge Finishing... Sand, dye, wax, polish. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And a little obsessive compulsive behavior - not a bad thing... Thanks! Thanks!
  9. Thanks, Bob. It was a rush. Check Deana out. If you can squeeze a couple of weeks into your schedule, it'd be well worth it! Thanks! Hi, Aaron. I absolutely plan to do it again. I've gone so far as to purchase a Landis 12K, and am looking at a Landis Line Finisher. Just keep hoping one shows up closer to my coast... Thanks!
  10. I made these under the tutelage of Deana McGuffin in Albuquerque, NM in December. Spent two weeks with her in her shop. 80 hours later... boots! Wow... What a rush! If any of you are in the Los Angeles area, we're hosting a reception for Deana McGuffin next Tuesday, March 25, from 7-9 PM. She'll have some of her finished boots with her, along with samples of her work from beginning to completion. It should be a great time, and there is no cost to attend. Just give a call to register so that we know how many to anticipate: 310-450-4300. Russell
  11. A 12" x 12" x 4" women's bag in a caramel color with blue stitching. Interior is navy with a red lining for the zippered pocket and cargo pocket. And yes, all hand stitched and hand finished. I didn't notice until I was hand stitching the gusset on the right side of the bag that the leather was a little "gutty"... We'll just chalk it up to character... Ah... what's next? I appreciate any comments and critiques. Thanks!
  12. Vergez Blanchard - amazing tools. Always sharp, always precise, and last a lifetime if you take care of them. I primarily work with chrome tanned leathers and make custom personal accessories. The resulting stitch is beautiful. And it's what Hermes uses. If it's good enough for Hermes, it's good enough for me!
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