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  1. Hello all, purchased a used swivel knife on ebay a couple of years ago. how do I determine what size blade it needs. I also would like to know when does the blade need replacing. Thanks
  2. Hello all, just finished a cell phone pouch and I use a hammer that I purchased from harbor freight several years ago. one side of the head is plastic, the other side is stiff rubber. I was thinking about purchasing a leathercraft hammer, but noticed there are two orientation of the head. one is perpendicular to the handle, the other is in the same orientation as the handle. is one better than the other for certain applications? Thanks
  3. what's a good weight for a cell phone case? I also plan on stamping a pattern on it. Thanks
  4. biker55

    when to stamp

    Hi all, pardon my ignorance.do you stamp after you mold the leather or before? Thanks
  5. thanks for the info and tips.
  6. Hello all, is there hardware available where you can attach two pieces of leather together so that they pivot independently of each other? thanks
  7. Thanks, I'm still a novice when doing leather work. don't do it too often. but after seeing the gallery of folk's projects, I wanted to give it a shot. I just finished making an ax sheath for my brother. I just used the scrap bag of leather that I purchase from Micheal's arts and craft store. nothing fancy. Got another question, is tooling leather the same stuff you use for making holsters and sheaths? Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions, I guess I can make one. Webicons, that is one amusing, and smart suggestion.
  9. Hello, is there a type of leather to use when tooling? I know it can't be soft leather, but how thick should it be? Thanks
  10. Hello, I do all my stitching by hand. occasionally, the needle needs a little persuasion. is there such a thing as a thumb thimble out there? Thanks
  11. thanks, seems kinda flat and thin. will try it and see if I like it.
  12. Hello all, yesterday purchased what I thought was white thread. but when I opened the package it was white sinew. can I use this in place of thread, or is it used for something else. thanks
  13. hello all, I have to make a small strap to secure my knife handle onto a sheath that I'm making. the leather is 8 oz tan leather so it's kinda thick. what tool or advice can you guys/gals provide me to accomplish this. I also plan on installing a snap rivet onto the strap. Thanks
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