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  1. Hello all, Don't know if such an item exist, but I'm looking for some type of rivet to connect two pieces of leather together, but have the pieces swivel independently from each other. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice all. guess I just need to practice more, and watch more videos. was initially using a plastic mallet, but it wasn't leaving much of an impression. I do work on a table top, but have a small metal block that I stamp on. I'll ditch the hammer. I'll buy a Tandy brand stamp, and see if it's more durable than the ebay stuff. don't know where Tandy gets it's stamps from.
  3. 1st, how hard should you hit the stamp to leave a good impression. I've had to really wack it a few times to get a good impression. 2nd, I noticed that the end of the stamp that the hammer makes contact with mushrooms a little. the stamps are from ebay. should I be buying stuff from a reputable leathercraft store? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the responses. sorry about getting back so late. will take everyone's advice on sharpening the blade. have been very busy with work and family matters.
  5. thanks for the responses. I'll purchase a new blade and see how it goes.
  6. Hello all, purchased a used swivel knife a few years back, and have decided to try my hand at carving. I tried sharpening the knife because I seem to be using quite a bit of effort to cut the leather. should the blade easily cut through without much effort? are the blades universal, or are they brand specific? How deep should the cut be? thanks
  7. If you're interested, they have a chinese leather machine that is sold on ebay and amazon for around $100. there's a bunch of youtube videos on this, if you want to check it out. it's hand cranked, but I've seen videos where people have motorized theirs. here's one video.
  8. thanks all, and the chart is really useful.
  9. Hello all, what's a good leather thickness for small projects, like phone cases, knife sheath, holsters, etc. Thanks
  10. that's a really nice holster! maybe one day. anyway will have to figure it out for each project. Thanks all
  11. Hello all, if I want to stamp something, do I do it before, or after molding? I'm thinking that since both process involve wetting the leather, that the stamp or shape of the mold would be affected. thanks
  12. Hello all, purchased a used swivel knife on ebay a couple of years ago. how do I determine what size blade it needs. I also would like to know when does the blade need replacing. Thanks
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