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  1. I have looked at the insight john Barton has on the subject but I'm not seeing anywhere about the weight of leather I should use or what hardware to get I'm making a trip to Tandy tomorrow (2hrs one way lol) if anyone can chime in and give me a basic list of the stuff I need it would help tremendously, I'm not asking you to give me your patterns or anything of that sort I just have no clue on materials so to speak thank you for your time!
  2. I just recently went from the " el cheapo " hobby lobby kit swivel knife to one of the craftool ergo grip knives, while a significant improvement it still wasn't what I was looking for. I then upgraded to the craftool pro swivel knife with a 1/2 inch barrel and wow at the difference. It is built with all bearing construction and it is super smooth. I have not used the higher end but I have a bob beard knife in the plans for the future. But I am very pleased with the craftool pro.
  3. I have checked Bruce's website but to no avail there are no round knives available. I will also check with Bob thank you for your reply!
  4. Hello friends I am looking to buy a round knife from the older makers, C.S Osborne, Gomph, W. Rose. let me know what you have that you will part with thanks!
  5. This is incredibly helpful thank you all so much I will definitely be getting those referenced materials.
  6. Hey friends, I am seeking some advice on how to begin saddle making. There are no saddle shops within my range to learn from, and I just didn't know the best routes to take. Thank you all so much for your help
  7. i see all of these beautiful tooled cue cases and i want to make one but i have no idea where to start ie: patterns, weight of leather type of stitching etc i have been in leatherworking about a year now and i want to attempt one so any help is very much appreciated!! or if someone can point me in right direction! god bless.
  8. i have been tooling leather for about 6 months now and have taken a few pieces to a local trade day/swap meet type event and i am starting to get people wanting my work. so i have decided to get into leatherwork deeper and start making more stuff to sale. my question is i am having trouble deciding on a good weight for leather i make things such as wallets, guitar straps, and fire helmet fronts. as for wallets and guitar straps what are some good weights of leather for these items? any help is much appreciated!
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