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  1. What is the size of the outer piece of leather?
  2. rottik9

    Stiching holes

    I use stitching chisel to make holes, that said I find it very hard to pass the needle through. I use Tandy needles and find they break a lot, or is it I am too rough passing them in small holes? Any feedback is welcome. ty.
  3. rottik9

    Needed Sewing Machine

    Union Special Lewis 200 I have located this model? The guy says he dont know if it will sew leather? Anyone here know if it will work for leather?
  4. rottik9

    Doing Letters

    How can I keep the inside of stamped letters from being dyed...I know I can do it with a brush around the letter. I am wondering if there is a tip that will help.
  5. Hi, I am in need of a machine, as my hands can not sew any longer from arthritis. I need to find a cheep one, something manual I dont know anything about them...never used one in my life. thank you Joe K
  6. rottik9

    Roper Wallets

    I would like a wallet pattren.
  7. I just finished a wallet, the inside seems to bunch up when it's folded? It seems the inside with card slots should be smaller that the outside, any advise is welcome. Joe
  8. I bought a Gerber folding knife, it came with a fabric case. I did not like it, so I wet formed one.
  9. The doubble loop is hard to keep the same strain on, has to get better.
  10. Wet forming is something I will put on the back burner for a while.
  11. Hi folks, this is my first attempt at a leather project, I made a small purse for my 8 year old. I find leather work relaxing, and challenging. Joe