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  1. Roller foot postbed for sale in oakland CA. This machine has feed from the top and bottom. Will run 107 size twine. Perfect for shoe lasts, uppers, cowboy boots, bags, you name it! Barely used $1800 obo
  2. No problem; the item sold already. Sorry I'm a bit of a Luddite, rather make things then figure out how to shrink pictures as too fit in the incredible small pic size required for this site...what camera takes a 1.46MB pic?????
  3. I got a stand up leather buffer for sale its a beast; 220 volt, but any motor could do, you know how that goes. Basic belt driven unit. From a leather factory in Seattle that shut its doors a few years ago. Asking $400 or best offer, delivery some crazy place will cost a little more. I'm headed down the coast to CA so if someone wants in any place off the freeway from Seattle area too the Bay Area area let me know. danielw88@gmail.com
  4. where do I get a good one??
  5. danielw88

    Rivet/snap Press

    yeah pics it just looks exactly like the one Tandy leather sells for $199, got it from them....make me an offer...no dies...just the machine
  6. danielw88

    Rivet/snap Press

    one of these things. like new. basically used lightly for 2 years. machine only $145 OBO
  7. one is a flat bed and the 335 is cylinder bed :-)
  8. sorry not for sale, sold it for $2100....
  9. Yeah I think it might be, call me if your interested still, 4159391532
  10. I will know Monday, got a buyer lined up other wise it's all yours, comes with all the bells and nobs. Where are you located?
  11. really good machine, one year old, all tooned up, perfect for moderate leather work, amazing machine, floating materal guide $1900 for the machine.
  12. asking $990 for it, pretty much new (used a dozen times over a year) all the beels an wistels, SS top for it so it can be a flat bed machine, thread oiler....still in the bag....
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