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  1. Very nice work. I like the simple center to edge value gradient of the color. Did you draw the deer head yourself, or is there a template available?
  2. 9mm Short is available in dozens of models, so just knowing the caliber isn't quite enough info for a well-fitted holster. You may need to draw a pattern directly from the gun if your can't find someone who's made one for that specific model. If a more generic fit is sufficient for your project, a cheap IWB holster can be used as a pattern.
  3. A client just ordered a non-conductive belt for an electrician. I'm looking at making it like a mechanic's belt with the buckle sewn in and completely covered with leather, but it needs to have no metal at all. Any ideas for a source for the hook? Thanks
  4. Yep, a rolling pin ought to do the job. You might even be able to find a marble one to match your slab.
  5. Hello to the forum; this is my first post. I'm interested in making a carrying case for pipe smoking paraphenalia. Does anyone know of a source for the liner for a tobacco pouch? Thanks
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