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  1. Thank you, Paul! I'll call Monday morning before going.
  2. I'm having a hard time finding a vendor that will ship Fieblings dye to L.A.. I've also searched locally for a vendor that will sell a qt or more of Fieblings dye but the ones I've found said i need a resale license. I'm only able to get 4oz bottles and that would kill me based on price for the amount I need. Does anyone know of any vendors out here in L.A. , or vendors that would ship solvent dye to L.A.? Either Angelus ot Fieblings would do. Thanks in advance, Joe
  3. Yeah, I figured that early on. No worries.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am only doing one piece for now. If it works out, I'll do half one color (Tan), and maybe a med. brown.
  5. First of all, I've been a long time lurker and love this site. This is going to be my first attempt at dying and finishing leather. I came into a few pieces of hide that seemed to be faded in patches and some more than others. Looks to be aniline leather that time caught up to. Doing my research on this site has led me in the right direction and here is plan: 1. Use alcohol or lemon juice to clean, deglaze, and prep the leather ( use gloves when working the leather). 2. Dye the leather ( using Angelus solvent dye- spraying the dye) . buff the hide to remove dye from the surface. 3. Apply Neatsfoot oil on the hide ( Angelus brand) 4. Topcoat the hide ( using Zelikovitz Professional Top Coat Satin) * These partial hides were never used. Just kept in storage for 8-10 years according to the seller. My real concern is about the process. I've read some oil the leather before dying and others after. Considering my hide could be lacking oils, should I oil the leather before dying? I'm a bit reluctant on this part only because I am afraid that the dye won't take as well as having the leather dry. Any helpful tips as far as brands, techniques, or experience with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Joe
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