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  1. Just curious why you are selling? I absolutely love mine and if you were closer I would buy it so I could have another one.
  2. Does anyone have the new Weaver 205? It's supposed to be good for sewing everything. I have a Cobra Class 4 w servo motor and I sew a lot of biothane which can be very difficult. I called Weaver and they tell me the Weaver 205 is a much better choice. Supposedly close to the original 205 - 370 Adler. I'd love to hear some input! :-)
  3. Thanks! I'll definitely check out the Marine idea. I'm looking for something heavy duty for horse equipment. I think the ones on Amazon are rapid rivets that are too light-duty. But thank you very much for the ideas!!! I might just end up starting a new thread on harness Hardware LOL! :-)
  4. Hi! Just saw this post but I realize it was a long time ago. Did you ever find the 104 stainless steel tubular rivet caps? I'm looking for the same thing! So frustrating! Thanks!
  5. Hi Bootleg! I saw your post from 2016 about sewing neoprene compression sleeves.  I wanted to ask you which machine you ended up with? I have the same problem. I'm looking for a machine to sew k9 training sleeve protectors aka compression sleeves, , out of 6.5mm and 10 mm neoprene. Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


  6. Hi,

    I am looking at getting a foot press for punching holes and riveting Biothane.  I saw your post about you being able to custom set up Beiler's foot press. What would be the advantage of using a Beiler's foot press vs the self centering punch from Weaver's other than the price?  I make heavy duty K9 collars and leashes from Biothane. 

    Thank you!  Susan

    1. TIMCO now SX

      TIMCO now SX

      Good Morning Susan,

      I spoke with Beilers and they confirm that the spot setter can also do center punch holes as well.  You only need to change the die and then flip over the L hinge in the back (to give you more force to cut through biothane ).

      I'm not on this site a frequently as I'd like so please send any questions and/or concerns to my email address.  tim@sxindustries.com  

      Thank you !


  7. Hi Colt!

    Thanks for your posts about the MT900.  I am about to make the plunge thanks to you. Wanted to ask you how you punch holes for the buckle prong to go through, and also what do you use to finish the ends?  Weaver recommended the Self Centering Punch, but that is way more $ than I want to spend right now.  Thanks for any help you can give.  I make dog training equipment and wanted to make things look more professional. 

    1. Colt W Knight

      Colt W Knight

      Hello Susan, 

      You probably wont like my answer, but I bought the self centering punch Weaver sells. It has my holes and english points built into the die.   Prior to that, I was using oblong punches, and that was pits if you are doing more than one at time. Plus, you are constantly pounding all the time. I routinely make 30 Cattle collars at a time. I can build the collars in less than hour with the rivet press and centering punch. 

    2. Susan Kennedy

      Susan Kennedy

      Thank you Colt!  I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.  It's hard to get first hand info about making things with Biothane.  I will definitely consider buying both, as time is money. I am also looking at Beiler's catalog which has some of the same types of machines but are less expensive. Beiler's has a self centering Guide to be used on a foot press, but not a self centering punch like Weaver's. I can definitely see the advantage of Weaver's self centering punch. I  have a Cobra Class 4 sewing machine so I could survive without the MT900 for a while, and just sew things, while I save up for a MT900 to do the riveting : )   Thanks a zillion!!  Susan

    3. Colt W Knight

      Colt W Knight

      I also added a lube pot to my Cowboy 4500( same machine as a Cobra Class 4) That darn biothane is hard to sew, especially when I am making multiple collars. The thread and needle heats up quickly. The lube pot really helps, but it is messy - splashes a lot of silicone around. Not good if you are painting or glueing in the same area. 


  8. Hi! Is this machine still for sale? If it is, please call me at 480-242-2686 or email me at Destineequest@aol.com. Thanks!
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