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  1. Leathermaker831

    Speed reducer

    Do you still have 1 speed reducer for sale
  2. Leathermaker831

    Changing Gauge Set

    What do you guys think this sewing machine is worth once I dial it in
  3. Leathermaker831

    Servo motors -- UGH!

    Yeah I can understand why you would want to sew at low speeds with leather but in automotive upholstery I see lots of old timers accomplishing intricate designs at fast speeds with clutch motors.
  4. Leathermaker831

    Changing Gauge Set

    This is exactly the information I needed thanks to all of you. I really want to learn how to use the machine and get familiar with it how it is now with a clutch motor that it has. Do you guys think its going to be incredibly fast.
  5. Leathermaker831

    Servo motors -- UGH!

    O bought a csm1001 I think thats the model number it comea with a needle positioning sensor and it sucks the speed on it is alot faster than what they claim zamier sewing I called back because I couldn't get it to scroll down on the digital display slower than 16 and it goes all the way up to 45 I believe it is way to fast for a someone that is just learning how to especially when it comes to intricate designs on automotive upholstery. So I put that motor on my Consew skiving machine and installed the servo motor from the skiving machine to the consew 206rb5 and it is much slower and its the servo that has a dial in the motor unit itself on the first dial the sewing machine wont turn so I turn it up one knotch and it sews alot slower than the csm1001 which was more expensive it was an upgrade that they talked me into saying it was the slowest motor with the largest range of speed. I have gave up on slowing down my machine and I'm just going to master what I have upholsteres back in the days were only working with clutch motors and they did amazong work. I think slowing down your sewing machine became a hype that got into everybody includidng myself. My instructor has ine functional hand and he is able to produce top quality work with a Consew 206rb2 with a clutch motor. I do remember sailrite had a good servo motor but they dont have it anymore at least its not on their website but it was a couple hundred dollars. I did not try to install a speed reducer on the machines I mentioned above with the servo motors I got from zamier sewing maybe thats my problem. Anyhow I dont think it is a very good idea to slow down these machine down to ridiculously slow speeds dont they need the speed to lubricate itself besides engineers intended for these machines to sew at their recomended sewing speed for a reason. Maybe im wrong but I also like my vehicles stock no shinny big wheels and loud music.
  6. Leathermaker831

    Changing Gauge Set

    I bought this machine with intentions of sewing door panels. The gentlemen that took me in as an apprentice used to do his door panels with a long arm just like this one but his was a single needle. I remember he would say if only his machine was a double needle things would be easier. He would sew the vinyl and a layer of thin foam right through the cardboard and the look was amazing as well as the sun visors. The outcome would look factory, especially on older impalas like 1958-1964 that is all we worked on as far back as I can remember. Everybody would come to him that owned an Impala no other upholstery shop was able to accomplish his look and style. I came across this machine working order according to seller and at a resonable price. I did look for other options as well as new machines the long arm double needle in a Consew brand is about 6000 plus dollars Atlas levy has his brand for about 3000 and a little over. So I think I did good buying this machine. I did find a retailer that has a complete gauge set for this machine for 150 dollars here in California probably generic as well as another dealer that quoted me 800 dollars for a gauge set most likely Singer brand. The first dealer also let me know that the balance wheel on the front of the machine to turn it by hand is very expensive around 700 dollars. This handwheel was optional at that time. If I install a good servo motor and a speed reducer it will probably slow down the machine to where I dont need the balance wheel. The machine was just disassembled for transportation purposes it was mounted to its original table with most likely its original Singer cluth motor. I just hope this works out for me and that I am able to accomplish the style I am after. Overall I think I did good on this machine its a double needle and that itself will put me in a whole different level. No matter how good someone is you can always distinguish when a French seam was done in a single needle machine. Back to my original question does anybody know exactly what will be needed to change the gauge set, how many pieces are needed that way I know if the gauge set for 150 dollars would work and is complete. Thank you all for your help. Ralph
  7. Leathermaker831

    Changing Gauge Set

    I have a Singer 145W 302 Double Needle Long Arm Machine and I need to chanhe the gauge set to 3/8 to accommodate the work that I do now automotive upholstery. Is changimg tje gauge set complicated or is it something that a mechanically omclined person can handle on its own. Well most importantly I need a gauge set, needle bar plate and other pieces to change ot does anybody habe one or know of someone that has a 3/8 gauge set for this machine. Thanks, Ralph
  8. Leathermaker831

    Mauser Special 335 For Sale

    Thanks for getting back to me sorry for the 1500 I am new to this and don't know much about the machines yet. What do you think about the Pfaff 1245 is it like the 335 wich one would you rather have
  9. Leathermaker831

    Mauser Special 335 For Sale

    Is this machine still available
  10. I think we can do that I sent you an email get back to me
  11. Leathermaker831

    Mauser Special 335 For Sale

    Would you take 1500 for the Pfaff also would you ship at my expense? Does it have a clutch or servo motor?
  12. Leathermaker831

    Please Look! I Need A Walking Foot

    How much do you want for your machine? If we come to an agreement I can defensively pick it up. Please give me specs on the unit, for example k-leg or l-leg table, clutch or servo motor, wich servo, needle positioner, you know what I'm talking about. Pics would be great too. Thank you!
  13. Leathermaker831

    Please Look! I Need A Walking Foot

    I am looking for a walking foot machine models like Juki 1541s, Pfaff 1245, Pfaff 335, Cobra Class 18, Cobra Class 4, Cobra Class 3, Juki 441, Adler, 205, Cowboy 4500, you get the idea new to leather working and want to get a good used machine, you can also reach me on my e-mail ralphshandymanservice@gmail.com
  14. Leathermaker831

    Pfaff Sewing Machine - Model #335

    Would you take 1500 for it?
  15. Interested in the machine would you ship to California