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  1. Dwight thanks for sharing that info with us I am here to learn better techniques and tricks of the trade and I will definitely remember and use this practice. God Bless! Ralph
  2. I agree with you on getting a crisper stamp if its one piece but I wouldn't pound or roll the crap out if it after its been stamped.
  3. I would and have done it before you start stamping it I don't think you would want to pound it or roll it with much pressure father you have spent hour stamping a crisp design. I might be wrong but definitely interested in whats the right way. Good luck. Ralph
  4. I have seen many like it in Mexico but then again people copy and make whatever they want even in their own garage so it would be very hard to find out its maker. If it was quality made it would definitely be stamped somewhere along the line to take credit. However that design I have seen before selling in Mexicali, who knows.... Good Luck! Ralph
  5. I think the bag is perfect I really like it one day I hope to be able to make something like this. I don't know what it is but when it comes to putting multiple pieces together I panic. That being said I bet it takes a lot of planning and thinking to accomplish this something I am not too good at. I am definitely impressed. Looks great! Ralph
  6. Yetiusmc, Wallet Looks great those colors really pop out. What kind of dye/paint did you use. Take care. Ralph
  7. MadMorbius, Are there any advantages to becoming a contributing member, not that it really matters after all the help this forum has been I plan on becoming a contributing member by the end of this year that's my goal. I am just curious if you get a different version or something extra from doing so. Thanks in advance! Ralph Garcia
  8. Nice work! I know that feeling I haven't had it for a while but it does feel good especially when unexpected. God Bless. Ralph
  9. This forum does send me emails but I just noticed that leatherpros forum hasn't been from personal experience. Will wait and see.. Good luck! Ralph
  10. I would get a cobra Class 4 standard package for 2295 or you can get the deluxe package with all the bells and whistles for 2695 and I thinks that's delivered like I said the motor only runs when you are sewing its really nice and slow and you have total control of the machine it's a beauty. Give Steve a call. There is absolutely no comparison between the tippman and the Cobra plus the Obras hold their value. http://www.leathermachineco.com/catalog.php?item=57 Ralph
  11. If I was you I'd get a 441 clone from Cobra or Cowboy, the Tipman Boss Machines are good but they will get you tired after sewing a large piece like a belt or something similar. The new servo motors on the Cobras use little power probably much less than your T.V. So the electricity. Is no problem the space maybe but you can always try to make space for it. I would never buy a Tipman but that's just me for half more you'll get a real sewing machine with a motor that you will love and be able to expand to do anything you want the Tipman is limited because of the throat length and the 441 has 16 inches of to work with. Have fun! Ralph
  12. The servo from Sailrite is made in the USA it's a very good motor and compact as well 1/3 of a horsepower. You can see it on YouTube they compare it to another servo motor
  13. Looks good! All that matters really is that you put your time in effort and made it to your taste. The machine must of gotten a good oiling and such. Did you do anything to the table? Ralph
  14. If your checking out this forum your probably interested in the hobby so go for it try to make the case and learn from your mistakes. Get the basic essential tools that you need to complete this project if you like what your getting yourself into then go about and expanding your tools and machinery that you'll need to do stuff like this and other projects that you'll be interested in after getting the feel for it. Good luck with your venture if you run across any problems or questions ask and we will all try to help you. Ralph
  15. Toolerlass, Little by little you'll get all the tools you need, what's up with your neighbors, maybe giving them a belt or wallet will solve the conflict.... But then again some neighbors don't deserve more than a Hi and Bye. Take care! Ralph
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