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  1. I have a VERY lightly used (you can confirm with Ben at Tippmann who refurbished it a month ago) Tippmann Boss for sale with the flatbed and other supplies asking $1,250 for all. Refurbished units like this from Tippmann (if they have them are $1,199 and an additional $135 for the flatbed).
  2. I have a VERY lightly used Tippmann Boss for sale (you can verify the VERY lightly from Ben at Tippmann). I sent it in about a month ago and they updated everything to make it like new and the case itself is like new. Includes flatbed, extra feet, needles, etc. $1,250 for all. I am in north central TX, send contact info and I'll be glad to get back to you as quickly as possible.
  3. Thanks so much for the info, appreciate it.
  4. Thanks much for the info, appreciate the responses.
  5. What brands of thread are people using these days for small leather goods?
  6. Does anyone know if you can still purchase A H Rice thread anywhere or are they out of business? I purchased a large variety of thread a few years ago and am about to run out. Great thread in a large variety of sixes but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  7. What are people using to get a good matte finish on their leather? I know of Satin Sheen but looking to see if there are any "other" alternatives folks may be using that give a good water resistant finish (for notebooks, book covers, etc. that need to be "waterproof" but not totally "waterproofed" as used in the rain). I dislike the high gloss finishes and have used Atomic Wax and Tan Kote, anything else others are using? Thanks
  8. Haven't tried that but Bob Beard's strops are the best I have found and will work on metal and ceramics. I believe he uses some type of conveyor belt material and then impregnates it with rouge.....works great.
  9. I am pretty impressed with the Power Mallet after some surgery and wishes to manage further damage but don't want to be out of leather work and feel the Power Mallet may be the answer. Anyone out there that may own, have used one or has comments I would appreciate your input. My work is more hanging art than functional items or saddles, etc. I would really appreciate omemnts and input. Thanks
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