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  1. Hi all, Here is the Landis manual link: https://www.bootmaker.com/Landis_Model_30_splitter.pdf hope this helps John
  2. Hi Folks, Can anyone help please. I have a 'Heritage Arthur 1L' handpress (purchased in the U.K from a saddle maker who originated from the U.S) which came with two rivet die sets but none for Segma, line 20/24 snaps etc. Weaver and Tandy sell die sets which are just too expensive for me (top/bottom die posts ((that fit into the handpress jaws)) are 10mm diameters), does anyone have any sets I could buy? Many thanks John
  3. Hi folks, I have a 'Heritage Arthur 1L' hand press with two die sets for rivets and now want a die set to use with 'Line 20/24, Segma' snaps. What I need help with please is: 1. which are the best snaps to use/buy (Tandy/Weaver) 2. will the 'Weaver' die set set 'Line 20' snaps and Segma's 3. are there any die adapters that will fit my hand press to use dies with a threaded stud (top part of die set). 'Blackriverlaser.com' sell an adapter die set for punching holes. All help appreciated Thanks John
  4. Hi, Only hand tools are suitable for me as I live in the UK (heavy stuff is too costly to post). Have you any Gomph, Osborne tools.! Any type at all would be of interest to me. Many thanks John
  5. Hi folks, I recently bought approx 40 Gomph hand tools some of which need replacement handles and ferrules, Q, could anyone tell me please where I can get new/old replacement ferrules from (Uk, USA or any other place). Also I need die set for my Heritage hand press if anyone can help. Cheers John
  6. Hi folks, Thanks for viewing and your comments. Making this jig was the only way to hollow grind at home I could think of and still maintain a high level of accuracy. I finished the edge with 800, 6000 Japanese water stone and then with Spiderco ultra fine ceramic stone. Does anyone have suggestions for a final step? Please see attached images for splitting progress so far, my machine now works!! Cheers John
  7. Hi all, I bought a 'Champion model D' splitter in good faith that it was in working order with a resarpened blade, the blade was so dull the leather rode over/under the knife edge but it would NOT split. To professionally re grind would cost me around £60, too much for me so here is my alternative choice made with timber scraps and an old Xmas present. Not showing off, just hope it works after water stoning. Cheers John
  8. Hi, Please include me when your inventory is ready to send out, I look forward to seeing what you have left. Cheers John
  9. Hi, Please count me in if there are any tools left. I live in Nottinghamshire UK and I'm building up a working collection of vintage quality tools so always keen to buy/use more. Thanks John
  10. Hi, Thanks very much for the advice, I'll give them a call. Cheers john
  11. Hi, I cannot find any info at all for this 'Heritage Tools Arthur' snap press, where can I get dies and spares from? Any help much appreciated. Cheers John
  12. Hi folks, I have a Heritage snap bench press (bought in the UK from US saddle maker already in the UK) and cannot find any reference to it or where to buy die sets etc on the net. Upper dies are not threaded and only comparison with no threads on upper die is the 'Osborne hand press & die', (see images) are these compatible? Thanks John
  13. Hi Bruce, Thanks very much. Thanks John
  14. Hi folks, Could anyone please tell me what the tool in the photo is and what it's used for? Thanks John
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