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  1. Lot of thread/misc supplies for sale! Annual clean out my studio time, so just wanna pass these items on to someone who might use them! 11 semi-used spools of waxed polyester thread from Maine Thread Co. (0.02") Various colors 1 lb unused cone no 69 thread, Tan polyester 1 lb barely used cone no 92 thread, Black polyester 1/4lb used cone no 92 thread, Forest Green polyester Glue pot w/ brush. Would recommend buying replacement brush head, but used one is included. Package of glove snaps, nickel plate. between 50-100 sets. Thread snips Must take whole lot. $40 including US shipping.
  2. Hey all, I have a heritage draw gauge for sale. It's in great shape, the blade just needs sharpening. Letting it go because I don't use it much and figured someone else might like it! $30 includes US shipping. Ships from CT.
  3. $90 Sold as a lot, US shipping included. Great deal, the punches alone retail at $40/ea. Everything works properly, I've just upgraded some things and no longer use these tools. Great for someone getting into leather crafting. PM if interested. CS Osborne slot punches: 3/4" & 5/8" CS Osborne round strap end punch: 1" CS Osborne knife (needs sharpening) Tandy mini & maxi hole punch sets (complete) Tandy edge beveler size 2 Splash tool for tubular rivets Misc line 20 snaps, nickel Misc segma snaps, nickel Misc grommets & eyelets, nickel
  4. Hey all, I've been look all over for stainless steel rivet caps to match the 104 tubular rivets from Weaver. Contacted a few places to no avail, was wondering if y'all had any tips. Depending on the price, I might be able to swing a special order if you know a place that could make them but doesn't stock regularly. It is confusing to me that Weaver would have matching caps for all their other rivets but not the stainless steel. But alas... If stainless steel is not an option for some reason, do you have any suggestions for another material? Cannot be nickel plated, must be resistant to rust, and must be ok against skin. Thanks!!
  5. Hey everyone! I've recently upgraded some tools and have the following 3 punches for sale to someone who can use them: 5/8" oblong slot punch 3/4" oblong slot punch 1" round strap end punch $75 + shipping for all 3 or $25/ea + shipping OBO. Would prefer them to go together, but will consider selling separately. Ships from NY. Nothing is wrong with them, they all work fine, I just don't use them anymore. Thanks for looking, Matt
  6. Hey all, I'm Matt. I read here more than post, but I've got some stuff to sell that I'm not using. New bottles of Fiebing's DuraEdge and Zack's Manuel Edge Ink. 8oz & 4oz, respectively. Only used a small test patch and didn't like it for what I needed. Also including a 3/4 full 4oz bottle of Fiebing's Tan Kote that I'm not using anymore. It's a little old, but it still works fine. Sold only as a set for $20, including shipping anywhere in the continental US only. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Matt and while I usually read here more than post here, I have some nickel-plated hardware that I'd like to sell to someone who could use it. I switched over to stainless steel hardware, so I don't have a use for this anymore, but it's all perfectly good and shouldn't go to waste! I want to sell everything as one group, for a flat price of $50, including shipping to anywhere in the US only. It's probably worth twice that, so I'd say it's a deal! Here's an approximate list of everything. Also see the attached pics. 4 - bags of approx 100/ea jiffy rivets, in sm and med 11 - scissor/trigger snap clips, various sizes 1"-1.5" strap 2 - 2" o-rings 2 - 1.5" o-rings 15+ - asst d-rings 6 - 1" strap slides 10+ - rectangle loops 1.5" 10 - 5/8" center bar buckles 10+ - 1/2" center bar buckles 4 - 1.25" center bar buckles 1.5" roller buckle 1" brass buckle I'm also flexible so make me an offer if you think $50 too much.
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