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  1. Thank you very much for the info! I will be there. I'll look it up and see what classes they have as well😀
  2. Hello All!!!! New to Leatherworker.net and I am in need of a Teacher for Leatherwork. I am interested in making horse tack, purses, belts, knife sheaths etc..etc.. I have the tools i just need some direction. I have basic leather tooling, stamping, dyes and paint down pretty well. I need help with assembly of projects Ie: Stitching, hardware, measurements, backings.... I need someone to instruct me while i do it myself since i dont learn well from just watching. I am willing to travel 2 hours from scottsdale to take lessons and pay whatever you charge. I have all basic tools to bring with me. Thanks Much- Samantha
  3. thanks so much. Its a really comfortable saddle and it fits a horse perfect! -Sam
  4. Hi all, I sure could use some help figuring out when this saddle was made..the stamp says "Bona Allen company" and the bottom I think says " ft. worth texas" I could be wrong though as it is hard to read, It has a rawhide tree and blevin buckles and there is a code on the stirrup that reads "I111 127665485" Thanks so much for your help and expertise-Sam
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